Obama’s offering Snake Oil to America.

From the hue and cry from the White House and Barack Hussein Obama’s allies, you would think Americans’ top concern was limitations on our firearm civil rights.

How does that square with reality?

It doesn’t.


Yesterday, the Gallup organization released their most recent poll of Americans about “What is the most important problem facing the country?”

Care to guess the top issue?

Here’s a clue:

96% of Americans identified something besides guns/gun control as our nation’s most important issue.

The Washington Post released a similar poll in recent days.  It “baited” respondents by identifying itself as a poll dealing with “gun violence” and even with that, less than a third of respondents identified gun control as the major issue facing America.

Barack H. Obama and crew have manufactured this “gun” crisis to divert Americans’ attention from the miserable economy, the out of whack federal budged deficit / government spending gone wild, dissatisfaction with every aspect of government and unemployment.

Barack H. Obama is trying to sell Snake Oil to Americans who don’t know any better.

It’s up to us to inform our fellow Americans about the truth so we may all be better citizens!




2 thoughts on “Americans’ top concern isn’t guns. Not even close…”
  1. O’Bummer mentioned on several occasions that gun control would be a top priority. People chose to re;-elect him anyway. The cartoon character Pogo once commented “We have met the enemy and he is us”

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