Tactical Barbie.

That’s what Chicago cops call her.

She initially passed herself off as representing Chicago PD’s SWAT team as an “active SWAT operator”, when in fact he held no such position and isn’t even currently a Chicago cop!

Now, the Outdoor Channel is erasing those references from the show’s website and deleting comments challenging Karen Bartuch’s fanciful claims.

Today, she works full-time for Motorola and makes claims that she’s a firearm instructor.

She wrote:

I currently work in public relations for Motorola Solutions but jump at any opportunity to get on the range or teach tactics, having spent almost 10 years in law enforcement, several of them in the tactical training community…

Hmmm.  Not so much, according to the folks at her old department.

For the uninformed, Tactical Barbie was a part of J-Fled’s policy group. She formed the Women’s Tactical Association with the laudable goal of bringing tactical training to the women of the CPD. Unfortunately, a huge number of questions were asked and then covered up by J-Fled and his cronies:

Yes, she brings some sexy to an otherwise show with a bunch of cookie-cutter guys dressed like clones.

However, it’s sad to see that these TV shows dealing with real-world people can’t do a better job vetting claims made by people who portray themselves as experts. “The best of the best” the show claims.

It affects all gun owners negatively when someone portrays themselves as an expert and then can’t measure up.