It was a close call for gun owners in Illinois this week. Leftist Chicago Democrats nearly banned America’s favorite rifle and all other semi-automatic firearms, along with pump-action rifles and shotguns and closed down most ranges in the state. And a great photo from REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic (AFGHANISTAN).

This just in.

The Democrats have pulled their gun ban bills for now.

Translation:  They don’t have the votes.

What’s up?  Three “key votes” are out of town, coupled with an onslaught of voter backlash (that would be your phone calls!).  Thank you for making those calls.

The biggest reason we get to keep our freedom is because three freedom eschewing gun grabbers are out of town…  that’s how close we came to losing this…  but next week is another story.

From Sun-Times – State Sen. Jeff Schoenberg (D-Evanston) is in Israel. State Sen. Suzi Schmidt (R-Lake Villa) is missing because of her mother’s death, and Senate Majority Leader James Clayborne (D-Belleville) had a health issue arise involving a family member, Steans said.

Rich Miller at CapFax has this to say:

(CapFax) – * 12:59 pm – From what I’m hearing, you can forget about both issues for the rest of the lame duck session. What a mess.

Let’s hope and pray Rich Miller is right.  Visit Guns Save Life later for future updates.


Update:  If folks read this as the bills have been defeated or are gone for good, that’s not the case.  Bills that are pulled from floor votes can be brought back at any time until the end of the session.  Works both for pro-gun bills as well as anti-gun bills such as these.  The session ends next Wednesday when the new members are sworn in.

10 thoughts on “BREAKING: Gun grabbers pull the bills! THANK YOU activists! UPDATED…”
    1. Those three were apparently what they needed. They wouldn’t have pulled the bills if they had the votes.

  1. The Illinois bills, yes.

    The federal bills? Going nowhere… They make for good fundraising for some though…


  2. The irony is while gun grabbing legislators think they can raise funds off this issue, it also tends to help Pro-gun legislators and organizations…there generally seem to be more gun owners and enthusiasts at the grassroots level than there are gun-banners…if we can only make them understand the need to push back harder and stop the hysteria.
    No piece of legislation can change the heart of an evil or just mentally sick person…nothing I’ve seen in any of these proposals would have prevented any of the recent mass murders.

    Lifting the “gun free zone,” (that wonderful unicorn-fart powered rainbow barrier around schools), and allowing teachers, administrators and staff, or parents and volunteers (with appropriate training and background screening) to carry inside schools makes a lot more sense than hoping a sign at the door will stop a madman.

  3. Thanks a million to you guys, the isra and all others who alerted us to make the calls and the wittnes slips. Thanks too, to the nra guy who also was in springfield fighting for us. I’ll be watching too, the next time I’ll plan on attending too. Does anyone know if some sort of legal case might be made against the perpetual “terrorism” or abuse of power from these people against the citizens of Illinois? Maybe psy ops? Just a thought, this crappola needs to stop, we see it every year.

  4. They WILL try again Every year they try, multiple times. Some years harder than others. This year they think they have the momentum, and they will try really hard.

    We need to fight them, really hard.

    Plan NOW to go to IGOLD on March 6. Put in for the vacation day now; get coverage if you have to. Every one of us who called, filled out witness slips, or motivated others to call and do likewise, needs to show up in Springfield on March 6 for Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day, IGOLD. Numbers matter and perception matters. We need to do it NOW, not like the folks in England who waited until AFTER the gun ban was in place to show up in huge numbers.

    Tell all who care about their 2nd Amendment rights to plan on going to Springfield March 6.

  5. Thanks to all Illinois Second Amendment supporters who spoke with their legislators, and an extra-special thanks to Country Rifle Association and the ISRA for getting the word out! Stay vigilant forever, brothers.

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