You want to learn poor gun handling skills?  We’ve got a pretty decent video for you today!

Charlie, our “instructor” shows us a lot of things.

Let’s see if we can identify the red flags early on:

1. A home-made you-tube instructional video.
2. An “instructor” who doesn’t really identify himself other than to say “Charlie here”.
3. An “instructor” who doesn’t give his credentials.
4. An instructor dressed in a dew rag and a KC Chiefs jacket.

I mean, what could possibly be wrong with the latest guy who thinks he knows fecal matter from shinola offering his inept advice about self-defense shooting techniques as though he’s an up and coming Chris Costa or Sully Sullivan?

Keep watching.

Oh yeah.  It gets better.

He proceeds to offer a demonstration.

He summons the gods to cast a spell by shouting “gunfight” three times.

Maybe Mas Ayoob, Pat Rogers, Christ Costa and John Farnam aren’t high-speed, low-drag operators to have taught us that in the classes we’ve attended.  Or maybe we just weren’t high-speed, low-drag enough to be let in on that particular tidbit from the Mystical Order of Secret “Stuff” (MOSS – thank you Sully Sullivan)

Then he gives us a Mozambique Drill that I swear I’ve seen Ray Charles do faster (along with a couple of housewives that have seldom or never shot before and are anxiety-ridden about handguns coming into our class).

Then he points the gun at his pecker while doing a mangled, wannabe interpretation of position SUL (maybe that’s the HS/LD-version of SUL)?

Baby Jesus wept when he saw that video.

Folks, beware of anyone offering firearms instruction on YouTube Videos.

And even well-done professional videos using *real*, qualified instructors (such as the Magpul series and no, I have no financial interest with them) are good only to introduce some concepts.

Even a bad class is better than the best training video, with live instructors to watch and critique your technique, and to identify and correct errors you’re making.

Without formal instruction by qualified and competent instructors, you’re just reinforcing flawed techniques and bad habits.

Thanks for the laughs, Charlie.

The dangerous part of this video and ones like it is that people without training are going to watch it, assume it’s worth something (hey, look what I got for free!) and learn goofy technique that may well get them hurt – quite possibly at their own hand while training.

Hope Charlie’s got an Israeli Battle Dressing and knows how to use it.  By the way, unlike Charlie’s video, this one is the real deal, just like the IBD.

h/t to The Truth About Guns for finding this abortion of a video.