Chicago gave a $1 million grant to CeaseFire earlier this year to prevent crime by having supposedly “reformed” criminal thugs use their “street cred” to intercede in gang-banger disputes before the bullets fly.

So, what has this cool million bought, beside a bunch of bumper stickers used by gang bangers to decorate apartment doors to indicate gang affiliation?

Apparently not a retched thing.


Source: CeaseFire has ‘no significant success stories’

Chicago (Sun-Times) – More than three months into a $1 million contract with the city, the anti-violence group CeaseFire has “no significant success stories,” a ranking police source said. It’s hard to evaluate CeaseFire’s mediation of gang conflicts without getting timelier reporting from the group, the source added.

“You can’t wait two weeks later and tell us, ‘Oh yeah, we intervened in that.’ We need specifics and time lines,” said the source, who asked to remain anonymous.

Asked about the partnership, police Supt. Garry McCarthy said through a spokeswoman: “It’s a work in progress.”

But Tio Hardiman, director of CeaseFire Chicago, said that he has been communicating regularly with police officials and believes his group is making a dent in crime in the areas covered by the city’s new pilot program.

Hardiman said he understands the reluctance of some police officials to embrace the group, whose employees include ex-felons.

…The group employs about 100 workers across Chicago, including those in the city’s pilot program, Hardiman said.


CeaseFire’s employees have been busy, but it hasn’t been “preventing” crimes, though.

Sarcasm and Silliness from a Windy City Cop

Saturday, July 07, 2012

CeaseFire Dealing Drugs Again (UPDATE)

A million dollars, one hundred shootings, and guess what else?
  • Funny how a ceasefire volunteer was arrested for having 40 bags of heroin last week in 004, and it was all swept under the rug.

    Don’t want the people to know who ceasefire really is.

Most of our readers already know who CeaseFire is. It’s the rest of the people who are being kept in the dark.UPDATE: Another one:

  • Scc, I have a question. Is there any special notifications that need to be made if a Ceasefire Interrupter gets arrested? The reason I ask this is because the Tact team in 005 arrested a Theotis Holcomb today for possession of 30 rocks of crack cocaine. Apparently the passenger fled from the car in an attempt to throw off the officers. After he was arrested he told the officers, who documented it in the case report, the he was a Ceasefire “interrupter” and that he gets paid $100.00 a day to keep the peace.

Monday, July 09, 2012


Another CeaseFire Dealer?

From the comments:
  • Not to be outdone the 010th dist tact team gabbed a ceasefire interrupter gal with about 280 blows (that’s heroin for you media trolls). Let’s see how fast ceasefire spins this one
Anyone have the specifics?






2 thoughts on “Chicago’s $1 Million to CeaseFire… for nothing.”
  1. As long as the people of Chicago keep reelecting the idiots that put programs like this in place they deserve to get their money, time and lives wasted.

    I was born in and raised in Arizona and will never, ever, ever understand stunts like this. Career criminals shouldn’t get paid by chumps that are stupid enough to trust them. Said criminals need to eat a bullet or two. If they survive said bullet or two hopefully they might see the error of their ways. If not then good riddance.

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