Whining from the left continues to grow as the election nears.

Steve Chapman at the Chicago Tribune – a strong bastion of support for the First Amendment while working against the Second Amendment – laments the NRA’s endorsement of Romney / Ryan over Obama / Biden.

Chapman wrote “about a president who promised not to touch our guns and has stuck to that vow. ”  Yeah.  Obama hasn’t worked “under the radar” to promote gun restrictions via Fast and Furious / Project Gunwalker?  Obama hasn’t blocked re-importation of American M1 Carbine rifles from South Korea?  Obama didn’t try to ban importation of a huge number of shotguns because of certain features?  Obama hasn’t given us long-gun reporting by edict?

Then there’s the idiocy over at the National Gun Victims Action Council who wrote in a Gun Fact # 4: “Law Abiding” Gun Owners Deliberately Violate T.S.A. Safety Regulations  on October 8th, 2012:  “a checked gun can be remotely fired using a cell phone.”

Clearly, the people at the NGVAC aren’t firearms users, owners or enthusiasts.  A better guess would be that they consist of one or two shills paid by money from one of George Soros’ foundations.

Third Power (at Days of Trailers) gives us a great piece on a Facebook post from Andrew Goddard, a far-left, freedom-hating moonbat in which he suggests a gun owner building his own gun will blow his own head off.  Projection is an ugly defense mechanism, Andrew.  Third Power has a nice bio of Andy:

“head of the VA MMM and Brady Spokesman, Board member of the NG(V)AC, father of Colin Goddard, and regular CSGV commentator a religious bigot (while endorsing the confinement of political opponents), he wishes for the injury/death of firearm owners as well.”

News of technology advancing to the point where people may soon be able to “print” guns at home with 3D computer printers has also hit the mainstream media.  The latest is a story lamenting that felons and other bad people might soon be able to make their own guns at home has gun grabbers feeling anxious.

Cody Wilson.
Photo courtesy of the NY Times.

The NY Times covered the work of Cody Wilson, the college student from Texas who is working on a contest to produce the best gun on a 3D printer.  Cody’s got freedom haters worried and they’ve officially taken notice with this article in the Times.

Also in the NY Times family of publications, another story is lamenting the “human cost” of the Second Amendment.  It’s the same old story:  detail imaginary costs while ignoring the benefits.  Of course, the author (and the NY Times Editors) must have skipped history class the day they talked about the Medieval Times when the common man was debarred the possession or use of weapons and the strong dominated the weak.  Few Americans wish to return the Medieval Era, of course.

The Brady folks are licking their wounds after they put so much effort into getting the topic of gun control into the first Presidential Debate last week.  The best they could come up with after squandering their precious resources on their failed mission was a lame press release whining that Jim Lehrer failed to address an issue that most Americans don’t support – or even want to talk about – restricting personal freedoms.

All of this increasingly shrill whining says to us that we are winning the battle for the hearts and minds of Americans.  The freedom-hating left is wringing its hands at it’s failure to promote its failed message through the usual channels.

It’s just how we like it.


UPDATE: One of our readers reminded us of the great catch from Days of our Trailers of the pre-planned announcement from the Brady Campaign that was scrubbed, but not before DOOT got a screen capture…

Courtesy Days of Our Trailers.




Now folks, that’s embarrassing!



2 thoughts on “WE ARE WINNING: Gun hater whining grows”
  1. Steve Chapman has been a strong 2nd Amendment advocate for several decades and often the only reasonable voice at the Tribune. I am disappointed in this last column of his. I guess we all get to strike out occasionally.

  2. He gave us a pretty fair shake on the gun turn in deal, IIRC.

    Sometimes they are neutral. Other times not so much.

    Then again, he may not know about Obama’s subtle tricks at gun control.


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