One of Don’s Guns in Indianapolis. A customer there rented a gun, then shot one of the clerks twice. The clerk returned fire, killing the attacker. The owner of the stores said, “If you shoot us, we’ll shoot you right back.”
Photo courtesy Indianapolis Star.


Suicide by gun store clerk?

That’s what we’re thinking after a man walked into Don’s Guns and rented a handgun.  After spending some time on the attached indoor range, the customer returned and without saying anything, shot the clerk point blank twice.

The clerk, displaying remarkable tenacity, drew his own gun and shot back, killing the customer turned assailant.

The clerk is in critical condition, but expected to live.  Our prayers are for his speedy recovery.

Don Davis, the colorful owner of the Don’s Guns chain talks with the media.
Photo courtesy Indy Star.

The owner of the Don’s Guns chain, Don Davis, gave a colorful report to the press, including this soundbite:
“If you shoot us,” he said, “we’ll shoot you right back.”


From the Indy Star:

A man is dead and another is hospitalized after a shooting Monday at Don’s Guns and Galleries on the Westside.

Police have released few details about what happened, but owner Don Davis said detectives told him that a man walked into his gun store at 3807 Lafayette Road shortly before 12:20 p.m. and asked a clerk to rent a gun. Shortly after — without a word — the man used the gun to shoot the clerk. The clerk fired back, killing the customer police have identified as Brian C. Wayner, 26, 8700 block of Gargany Lane.

Davis said his employee, Ben Chance, was in critical condition at a hospital Monday but was expected to survive.


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  1. Something is wrong when this 1 store is related to over 1900 gun crimes in only 4 yrs. They need to close down for good and not be bragging about shooting back. Redneck idiots!!!

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