Chicago Isn’t Safe!

For the second year in a row, Guns Save Life has urged members to avoid Chicago for vacation or business travel.  This year, the Illinois State Rifle Association joined Guns Save Life whereas last year, it was ISRA that first encouraged members and friends to avoid Chicago.

From the February 2012 issue of GunNews

(Guns Save Life) – In 2011, both Guns Save Life and the Illinois State Rifle Association urged tourists and business people to avoid vacations or business in Chicago given the unacceptable and growing levels of random violence, even in the supposedly “safe” tourist areas of the city.

Chicago Police, down nearly 29% from their authorized 13,000 strength, require nearly heroic efforts on a daily basis to maintain even tenuous control of law and order, even in the “safe” parts of the city popular with tourists and businessmen.

The 2012 NATO Summit will be held alongside the 2012 G8 Summit at the McCormick Place Convention Center May 15-22, 2012.  These events are expected to attract thousands of unpredictable and often violent protestors from throughout the world.

It will be up to less than 9,200 Chicago Police officers to provide the primary security for the event, along with their usual duties keeping the rest of the city under control.

Help is not expected as sources have reported that the City of Chicago is refusing to provide indemnification to other police agencies for manpower and materiel assistance for the event.  Outside agencies have been quite reluctant to commit help if they are on the hook for potential legal costs defending against lawsuits or judgments relating to the service of their officers and employees.

The best way to avoid violent encounters and victimhood are to avoid potential encounters when possible.

Prudence demands that reasonable people take steps to protect their health and safety by avoiding Chicago in general, but especially during May 15-22, 2012.

There’s nothing in Chicago worth dying for while on vacation or business.


From the July 2011 cover of GunNews

Chicago (GunNews) – Guns Save Life has joined the Illinois State Rifle Association in warning members of our family and our friends to avoid Chicago for recreational or vacation travel because of the heightened risk of violent criminal attack.

Wilding attacks by groups of teens against innocent residents and tourists, committed in areas until now commonly thought of as “safe” for residents and visitors alike, have grown dramatically in recent months and are now occurring even in daylight hours.

These brutal, unprovoked and seemingly random attacks have left many convention attendees, visitors, tourists and local residents with serious injuries requiring medical treatment and in some cases, hospitalization.  Some individuals were even robbed after they were beaten.

To add insult to injury, Chicago’s new acting police chief was quoted in local media as blaming the victims of these attacks, suggesting it was drinking, fighting and inattention that led to the victims coming under attack.

These Chicago wilding attacks are a real threat and they are being recognized nationally.  The animal welfare group PAWS canceled their convention in Chicago, citing “safety concerns from unpredictable crowds”.   Other organizations are reconsidering their convention plans for Chicago, including the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

Even police officers, armed and off-duty still in their uniforms are being murdered in seemingly random Chicago violence.

The Illinois State Rifle Association also formally warned its members. Here is the press release from the ISRA formally warning its members to “think twice about selecting Chicago as a vacation destination this summer” in order to Chicago’s wilding attacks:

The ISRA is warning its members to think twice about selecting Chicago as a vacation destination this summer.  This warning was issued in response to a recent dramatic upswing in violent crime in the windy city.  Most notably is a spate of so-called “flash mob” attacks where as many as two dozen young men ambush and savagely beat their victims before robbing them of their valuables.  One recent flash mob victim was a 68 year-old man.

The bulk of the flash mob attacks have taken place on Chicago’s near north side and Gold Coast areas to include North Avenue Beach and the Magnificent Mile.  The attack locations are within the general vicinity of tourist attractions including Navy Pier, Lincoln Park Zoo, and Millennium Park.

Thus far, the Chicago Police Department has had little luck controlling these flash mobs with only 4 participants having been apprehended.  This ability to confound the police stems from the very nature of flash