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VALOR UNDER FIRE: Chicago Police Bodycam Video Shows Violence in Chiraq

February 4, 2017


“Chiraq” remains Chicago’s unwanted and unwelcome nickname.  Given the levels of violence, it should come as no surprise in a city 812 homicides and almost 4400 people shot during 2016.  Chicago’s Independent Police Review Authority just released a batch of videos and audio recordings from an officer-involved shooting back in November.  The video provides a glimpse into the world of Chicago police as they try to keep a lid on the violence in the Windy City.


In the video, compiled from several police bodycams, show police descenting upon Richard Grimes, 33.  Yes, it shows numerous officers running toward the sound of gunfire. According to the po-po, Mr. Grimes shot his pregnant girlfriend in the abdomen on the city’s West Side.  The shot killed the unborn child.  Nice guy, right?

The ruffian fled the scene and Chicago’s finest caught up with him.  He shot at them and ran.  Cops raced to the area and cornered the suspect.  He decided to shoot it out with police instead of surrendering.  Cops, of course, did the only polite thing to do when a suspect shoots at you.  They shot him back.  After springing a few leaks, Mr. Grimes came to a sticky end.  Two officers received injuries, including one grazed by a bullet.

The courage and bravery of these officers running toward the sound of gunfire is made all the more remarkable given the second guessing of cops by police administrators, politicians and the then-Obama justice department.

One Response to VALOR UNDER FIRE: Chicago Police Bodycam Video Shows Violence in Chiraq

  1. Jackie on February 6, 2017 at 5:12 pm

    they just reported. ( channel 9 ). That there is more  of them been shot. But fewer killed than in 2016    I. Will not say anything  else  .  You can. Fill in the rest — if you want to !!!