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ABOUT TIME: Obama’s Operation Choke Point Program ENDED.

August 18, 2017

Obama's Department of Justice launched "Operation Choke Point" in 2012, and quickly fell into disfavor as banks closed accounts of gun stores, gun manufacturers and a whole lot more in the guise of cracking down on bank fraud.  Well, folks, that program has not only been shut down by the Trump Justice Department, but the program has been called a "misguided initiative".  In other words, it's unlikely to reappear.

Before Its News has it (with a link to Politico within):

A financial dragnet that ensnared porn stars, gun dealers, payday lenders, and other politically disfavored small businesses has been shut down.

Operation Choke Point launched in 2012 as a joint effort between the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. (The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau would later get involved too.) It was supposed to be a crackdown on online payday lenders making loans into states where high-interest lending is illegal. It quickly morphed into a questionably constitutional attack on a wide range of entrepreneurs who found their assets frozen or their bank accounts closed because they were considered “high-risk” for fraud.

In a letter to Rep. Robert Goodlatte (R-Va.), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd called Operation Choke Point “a misguided initiative” and confirmed that DOJ was closing those investigations, Politico reported late Thursday night.