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Mossberg’s New 590 Shockwave: The New Coach Gun?

April 6, 2017


Mossberg's new Shockwave shotgun was introduced at the SHOT Show and is finally being seen in the wild. The shotgun, classified by our friends at the BATFE as a "non-NFA firearm," features a 14-inch barrel and a 26.5-inch overall length. In short, it's a short-barrelled shotgun of a sort that doesn't require a tax stamp. Just don't conceal one about your person, in which case their determination may change (per the BATF Compliance Division letter).

Some claim the Shockwave is effectively a 5+1 capacity version of a coach gun, "ideal for home defense." Whatever the gun's utility as a home defense piece, it should nevertheless make for a potent, compact package.

Mossberg claim that it will shoot the Aguila's Minishells with an adapter, significantly increasing capacity, (and reducing recoil). The Shockwave retails for about $450.

Before you rush out and buy one, you may want to pay attention to this caveat from the Mossberg website:

NOTE: This letter only speaks to its FEDERAL status. There could be local/state laws that prohibit the sale of this gun in your state. Consult your State Police for clarification.


2 Responses to Mossberg’s New 590 Shockwave: The New Coach Gun?

  1. Lucas D. on April 8, 2017 at 5:08 pm

    I reserved one at Bud's, but since it's been a while now and there's absolutely no info anywhere on when they'll be back in stock, I have the feeling all I did was put 400 of my dollars into a 90-day trust.

  2. DM on April 10, 2017 at 5:49 pm

    Consult your State police for clarification…

    A few years back, I asked the IL State police if green tip 5.56 rounds were legal in IL. 

    The Officer I spoke with told me he didn't know.  I read to him the definition of an AP round from Illinois statute.  He responded that I should be careful and probably not buy any "questionable" ammunition. 

    Even though it was perfectly legal to have green tip 5.56 in IL, I could not get him to say it was legal.

    When you call the State Police to ask a question, how do you avoid the "political hacks" and get a straight answer?