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MISSOURI: Bloomberg’s bozos working to uphold a doomed veto of Constitutional Carry

August 31, 2016


Bloomberg’s pals have been sticking their fingers into the dikes in an effort to block an over-ride of Missouri Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of Constitutional Carry.

It isn’t just ConCarry that’s in the bill though.

The NRA-ILA has the details from May 13th:

Today, the Senate and House Conference Committees on Senate Bill 656 reported out the signed Conference Committee Report.  The Conference Committee Report was then passed by both the Senate and the House of Representatives on the last day of session.  Senate Bill 656 will now be sent to the desk of Governor Jay Nixon for his consideration and signature.

Sponsored by state Senator Brian Munzlinger (R-18), and state Representative Eric Burlison (R-133) SB 656 would:

  • Recognize Missourians right to Constitutional/Permitless Carry where open carry is not prohibited

  • Expand Missouri’s current Stand your Ground laws

  • Expand Castle Doctrine protections for anyone legally allowed into your home, vehicle, business and property

  • Specify that except for credit card fees incurred, no additional fee beyond $100 may be charged to process concealed carry permits and allows military members extra time to renew their permits

  • Implement 10, 20 and 50 year options for non-reciprocity issued permits

  • Allow components of firearm training for RTC permits to be online


The Missouri Times has a host of details of groups lining up to flip some pro-gun votes into anti-gun votes.  Frankly, it’s a futile effort as both the Democrat and Republican candidates for Missouri Governor have said they would sign such a measure.  In fact, the Democrat candidate is endorsed by the NRA.

Nevertheless, Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action have demanded nearly the impossible.  They have a tall job ahead, especially as the over-ride attempt will occur before the election.  Voters haven’t shown themselves very favorable to gun control of late:

During this election season, most campaigns plan to peak in November when their candidate or issue is on the ballot. But one campaign burning up social media is focused on Sept. 14, when the Senate will attempt to override Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of Senate Bill 656, the “gun bill.”

A coalition of the bill’s opponents have launched an aggressive campaign targeting Republican legislators as they attempt to flip the two votes necessary to sustain the veto.

The opposition coalition includes Moms Demand Action, the Catholic Church and the Missouri Fraternal Order of Police.

It gets better…

Moms Demand Action, a grassroots-style group made up of mothers seeking action on gun control measures (and backed by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund), has launched a social media and phone calling campaign to try to convince senators to vote to sustain the veto.

They’ve been calling their senators and representatives asking them to sustain the veto. They’ve also been aggressively courting the legislators on Twitter, tweeting at them every poll or column or endorsement that shows support for stopping the bill.

Last week at the Governor’s Ham Breakfast at the Missouri State Fair, they got the chance to meet some of the people they’ve been calling. A group of five moms visited to talk to senators and state representatives, who told them they’ve been hearing from their group.

Five people?  Really?

That’s “grassroots”?

Once more demonstrating how not-so-grassroots the Moms Demand Action subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg, Inc. really is.

The Missouri Fraternal Order of Police are in full chicken-little mode:


“If SB 656 becomes law, we can no longer take guns out of the hands of violent persons,” [FOP President Kevin] Ahlbrand wrote. “Gun violence will increase.”

Kevin, you’re a tool.

5 Responses to MISSOURI: Bloomberg’s bozos working to uphold a doomed veto of Constitutional Carry

  1. Hank on August 31, 2016 at 12:34 pm

    Nixon has worn out his welcome. Good riddance, boy.

  2. Sam Whittemore on August 31, 2016 at 3:35 pm

    Bloomberg and his friends can stick their fingers up their asses and they still aren’t going to stop gun rights from continuing its march across America.

    Especially after Trump wins in November.

  3. old buzzard on September 1, 2016 at 10:33 am

    When a group of folks oddly discribed as an organization that is supported by Miclael Bloomberg with funding it is not grass roots! Time to call out the fraud and quit giving said organization any such credit as grass roots, thank you.

  4. DM on September 1, 2016 at 12:38 pm

    These anti-gunner groups are full of people who can’t find employment doing anything else. Professional ne’er-do-wells. If Bloomberg or Soros stoped paying for it, these groups would dry up and blow away overnight. Pathetic.

    • Keith on September 13, 2016 at 2:00 pm

      I am a retired Police Officer from New York City. My reason for starting that way is because my comment is directed at the members of the Missouri FOP post. When did you decide the people of your State are a flock of sheep rather than your equals?

      Off duty Police Officers drive drunk, get in arguments, fights with neighbors, abuse their girlfriends, wives and children, yet we send them home with GUNS. Who is more dangerous, an off duty emotionally impaired police officer or an emotionally impaired citizen? I venture to say it is the police officer. He/she has been trained in the use of the weapon, how to retain the weapon when confronted and most importantly already admitted to themselves and their department that they are WILLING to use the weapon against another person.

      Kevin Ahlbrand’s statement that Police will no longer be able to take guns away from VIOLENT persons is absurd, but also acknowledges that violent persons already have weapons. Somewhere along the line we have allowed the GOVERNMENT aided by the press to divide us into good people and bad people. Police officers are no better than any other segment of our society and I for one do not wish to live in a police state. It is long past the time for Police Officers to remember that the citizens are their PEERS. I don’t know Kevin Ahibrand and he does not know me. I suspect that he is a very nice man and he is well like by the men and women who selected him to represent them. On behalf of the 350 million Americans who did not get to vote for the guy who bought his friends the most beers that night, a few of us don’t care what he thinks.