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Mandalay Bay Mass Murder: More on the methodical mass murderer; The Left hates us and prays to its god – Government; Self-protection for YOU

October 3, 2017


As the title says, I will cover some salient points in this post, including how you can keep you and yours safer following this horrific crime.  Go ahead and pop an extra blood pressure pill, and let's get started.

This incident defies so much of what America has witnessed from previous mass murder or terror attacks.  The killer didn't just snap.  Readers should wrap their minds around the simple fact that the Mandalay Bay attack required extensive planning over weeks, if not months ahead of time.  Yes, this pre-meditated attack had been in the works for a long time by a sick, sick man.


Brother says Scumbag Paddock was not a "gun guy" 

The brother said the killer had maybe four guns stored in a gun safe – a couple of handguns and maybe a rifle or shotgun or two.  In reality, Mr. Mass Murder brought 23 guns into that 32nd floor hotel room overlooking that music concert.  The hotel, Mandalay Bay, is a "gun free" zone by policy.  Not even trained private security are allowed to bring firearms into the facility, much less the "untrained" "little people" guests or employees.  That surely worked out well, didn't it?

Scumbag Paddock had at least one fully automatic firearm in those two hotel rooms.  Someone had converted the AR-15 illegally, yet competently converted to fire fully automatic which is not easy.  Yes, for gun aficianados who know what to swap out and how to make the modifications, it's possible.  However, the average Antifa member couldn't field strip an AR-15, much less break it down past that.  And the average mainstream media reporter probably couldn't even load the gun, much less make it fire a single shot.

Police also found another 19 guns at the retirement home of the killer.  Also found were "explosives" – otherwise known as Tannerite for those of us in the gun world.  I suspect the "explosive residue" in the car was Tannerite as well.  Some media outlets loved to remind folks the explosive residues found were similar to that used by another scumbag in the Oklahoma City bombing many years ago.  Indeed:  Ammonium Nitrate and fuel oil (diesel, kerosene, etc.).  Tannerite uses powdered aluminum as a sensitizer, so that a high-velocity bullet will cause it to go bang when used properly as a reactive target.

Now, photos are surfacing of a couple of the guns found in the hotel room.


Note the hammer, likely used to break the window out of the room to facilitate a clean shot at the crowd below.  Also, note the hundred-plus spent cartridge cases on the floor inside the room.  This means he probably fired from well inside the room, out of sight from the street immediately in front of the hotel.


Note the "Slidefire" stock on this AR, along with the 90-round Surefire magazine.

The killer chose those adjoining rooms because they offered an excellent vantage point with which to carry out his attack upon a mass of 22,000+ people clustered together a short distance away at the music concert.



Brother said the killer did not harbor extremist political views. 

Yeah, just like he had only a couple of guns, right?  With no social media footprint – at least not under his given name – America does not have a clear roadmap to this killer's mindset.  However, Scumbag Paddock was reportedly a registered Democrat and also appeared in the audience at an Obama campaign event some time ago. 

More recently, the murderer was estranged from his wife.  I haven't seen anything suggesting tha this divorce had been finalized.  Also, his live-in girlfriend was also married to another man, Geary Danley, according to her social media page.  Interestingly, the girlfriend's husband Danley harbored extreme leftist political beliefs.  On his Facebook page (click here for his "likes" page), he loves groups like "Not My President", "Anti-Trump Army", "Fight Trump", "Progressive Liberal", "Liberal Progressive Democrats", "In Democrats We Trust", and many others.  Also included in the mix were likes for: Rubicon Training Group and Waldrop Range LLC.   Also, he's got love for both the National Association for Gun Rights and Everytown and the National Gun Victims Action Council – "A Force for Sane Gun Laws".   So, there's little doubt investigators are following up with Mr. Geary Danley to see if he has any connection to the horrific acts committed by his wife's boyfriend, because it surely looks like if he likes a firearm training group and a range then there's some firearm knowledge there.

While the ISIS losers claimed that the murderer converted to Islam months ago and gave him an Islamic name, zero evidence supports this wishful thinking by those pissants.  At the same time, Antifa claimed him as well, on one of their Facebook pages…


They deleted the post after catching righteous indignation of pretty much all decent people.  Antifa equals pissants as well.

In reality, it would seem that Scumbag Paddock, a retired accountant, had some serious money to his name and at the same time liked to gamble.  Some are citing possible gambling losses as the reason he "snapped", but again, this attack required substantial planning and pre-meditation.


The Left hates us.

While all this is going on, the Left hates us.  Just look at the above Facebook post from Antifa.

Then there's the CBS executive vice-president who shared her lovely, heartwarming thoughts on Facebook.  The Daily Caller reported

A top legal executive at CBS, Hayley Geftman-Gold, said she “is not even sympathetic” for the victims of the shooting at a country music festival at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas Sunday night.

“If they wouldn’t do anything when children were murdered I have no hope that Repugs will ever do the right thing,” wrote Geftman-Gold on Facebook, perhaps referring to Sandy Hook. “I’m actually not even sympathetic bc country music fans often are Republican gun toters.”

CBS fired her before the end of the day.  Obviously, little hyphenated VP Geftman-Gold thought it just fine to not only think such a horrific thing, but to post it for the world to see.  In a world where so many on the left are working to one-up one another on extremist language, one teacher said on Twitter

DLK6GGEWAAADd-t.jpg large

Wow.  Just wow.  And she wonders why we cling to our guns and our religion!


The Left Prays to their god:  Big Government

Yes, the carrion crows swarmed Las Vegas even before even all the victims had been removed from the crime scene.  Politicians, federal, state and local, all cast their remarks in the light of promoting gun control, some more vigorously than others.  Nothing like dancing in the still-wet blood of the innocents to promote your failed political beliefs.

Hillary Clinton's insufferable Tweet claiming more people would be dead if the killer used a "silencer".  Even the Washington Post's fact-checkers called her out, noting that even a suppressed AR makes as much noise as a jackhammer when fired.

Celebs and the mainsteam media danced in the blood as well.  Some, like Keith Olbermann – the repeatedly failed wannabe journalist and political commentator – demanded repeal of the First Amendment as well as the Second.

From TTAG:


“It is time to end the lies about the Second Amendment. It is time to end refusing to call mass murderers who do not have obvious political motives terrorists. It is time to end the National Rifle Association. And it it time to end the political career of any political figure who made his way to the White House dog-whistling to his Second Amendment people.” – Keith Olbermann in The NRA Should Be Branded A Terrorist Organization [via huffingtonpost.com]  

Dear Keith:  Logic dictates that if we as gun owners were one-millionth as insane and violent as you portray us, there would be no gun control activists such as yourself left alive.  Ditto for politicians supporting gun control.

At the same time, Keith and crew are welcome to begin self-initiated efforts to disarm Americans in flyover country.  They don't need to wait for repeal of the Second Amendment.  Let them wear their black clothes and put on their masks and bring their pitchforks, torches and start work in Texas or Kentucky.  We'll see how successful their forcible disarmament campaign goes. 


What you can do to protect you and yours.

First off, in terms of "soft" acts, you can correct people in your sphere of influence when they describe this attack as a mass shooting.  No, this was mass murder.  The killer did not snap or go mental.  He deliberately and carefully planned this attack for weeks or months. 

You don't just carry in 23 guns and thousands of rounds of ammo concealed in one piece of luggage.  He certainly didn't carry all that up 32 flights of stairs to avoid detection, either.

Hard actions?  Avoid copy-cats. 

How do you avoid copy-cat incidents?  In the short term, avoid large crowds of soft targets, especially gun-free venues such as open-air sporting arenas, outdoor concerts or gatherings. 

What else can you do?  With the new push by the left for gun control, you should make sure you're a member of the NRA.  Also, sign up for a regional or your state-level gun rights organization.  In Illinois, join Guns Save Life and you might also consider joining the Illinois State Rifle Association.  Local and state-level gun rights organizations allow you MUCH greater input into the direction these groups take with their work.  If you're like me, you don't have Wayne LaPierre's cell-phone or email in your contacts.  However, both of mine are easy to find, especially for Guns Save Life members.

While passage of gun control at the federal level looks unlikely, conditions at the state level are another matter entirely.  Especially in states with progressive Democrats in control.

Also, if you've been putting off buying your first AR, or some extra magazines for your pistol or rifle, now's the time to do stop procrastinating. Vote with your wallet while you still can.

Focus on what's really important in your life.  Hug your loved ones and tell them you love them.  Carry your personal defense gun with you everywhere you're legally able.  Practice good situational awareness and be ready to act on a moment's notice.


Here's the police radio recording of the event.  It's pretty intense.


4 Responses to Mandalay Bay Mass Murder: More on the methodical mass murderer; The Left hates us and prays to its god – Government; Self-protection for YOU

  1. JR on October 3, 2017 at 11:52 am

    Their is a lot in this story that the lamestream media will choose not to cover. On the other hand you can be sure that the talking heads be pushing everything the radical left anti gunners are saying.

  2. old buzzard on October 3, 2017 at 9:09 pm

    Reports by witnesses of multiple shooters ignored by media. Taxi driver audio/video definitely records multiple gunshots from two different locations. Muzzle flash seems to appear from the 4th floor. No video of alledged shooter bringing in excess of 27 firearms and thousands of rounds of ammo. Security failure as usual. Reports of exits blocked at show so concert attndees could not escape. Too much coicidence, too many unanswered questions, as usual to much cloudy bs.

  3. KK on October 3, 2017 at 10:40 pm

    Was there a grassy knoll as well? 

  4. Alpha Co. on October 4, 2017 at 9:00 am

    Interesting that this happens when there are pro gun bills up for review. Unfortunately I think National Reciprocity will definitely be sacrificed because of this. Hope I'm wrong.