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LEFT’S MELTDOWN: Living Well is the Best Revenge For Us and the U.S.

November 21, 2016


by John Boch

The radical Left in America continues to melt down following President Elect Donald J. Trump's victory on November 8th.  What began as epic temper tantrums has escalated into threats and outright violence.  How do we, as everyday freedom-loving Americans fight these bed-wetting special snowflakes?  It's easy.  Living well will be the best revenge. 

The Left's behavior of late has bordered on fascism.  Yes, fascism.


Per Dictionary.com:

(sometimes initial capital letter) a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

We've seen lots of efforts on the Left to forcibly suppress opposition.  Assassination threats against our President Elect have come fast and furious on social media.  Threats against Trump voters have come pretty freely as well. 

And while most of the Left are not racists, they certainly self-identify as bigots.  Donald Trump was never thought of as a racist, anti-semite, or sexist before he became a serious contender running as a Republican.

Today, however, he might as well be the bogeyman if you listen to the propaganda of the radical moonbats on the Left – who today are quick to brand anyone that disagrees with them as racists. 

The knee-jerk reaction to losing the election doesn't mean those who voted for Donald Trump (who carried America's counties 2908 – 146 over Hillary) are all racists, misogynist, homophobes and/or knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing Neanderthals.

Where now?

There's been a lot of talk of civil discord and even overt violence from both sides.

Yes, even the right.

J.Kb wrote a great piece at the GunFreeZone,Open Letter to Hillary’s Army:

…Not just do you show us contempt by calling us rednecks and flyover country, but now you want to undermine our very representation in this nation.  Since we don’t want to give that up, you say we’re going to have to die.

Let’s be clear about this.  Your revolution will be over before it begins.

Sure, we have the most guns.  So what.

An army marches on its stomach.  Look at that map above.  Your food is grown in the gray areas.  Oil is drilled and refined into gas in the gray areas.  Coal and ore is mined, and the ore smelted into usable alloys in the gray areas   The factories that turn that metal into goods are in the gray areas.

You want a revolution against us country bumpkin, knuckle dragging, rubes?  We will shut off your power, shut off your food, shut off access to anything that can’t come in to ports of LA, NYC, or Miami.  How long do you think your banking and service industry economies will keep going before you starve?

He followed that piece up with another one this week, When does the shooting start:

Their goal is quite simple: cause such a disruption that security and law enforcement is overwhelmed and Trump is unable to make a public appearance due to security concerns.

We have been told by the media that Trump supporters overwhelmingly racist, deplorable and irredeemable, and that there is no such thing as a good Trump voter.  Trump’s election was a victory for racism.

We are told that this racism has consequences.  At best, Trump voters and Trump supporters are going to be considered “dead” to the tolerant Left.  More likely, Trump voters and Trump supporters are going to be openly challenged in the  streets.  GrubHub has decided that Trump supporters shouldn’t work for the company, which is part of a general anti-Trump movement in Silicon Valley.

Of course this highlights a general hypocracy in Liberal states.  They will fight to make sure you can’t get fired for your race, religion, sexual orientation, or chosen gender; but god forbid you pulled the lever to Trump on election day, it is totally legal to shit-can you.

And the piece de resistance:

This is getting out of hand.

Remember that the Brownshirts (Sturmabteilung) and Blackshirts (Milizia Volontaria per la Sicurezza Nazionale) were volunteer organizations made up of “ruffians and bullies” out to enforce a political ideology by way of violence.

The Left can wring its hands over “normaliz[ing] Trump’s hate” but they are trying to normalize bigotry, hatred, public shaming, and violence against Trump supporters.

The goal is quite clear.  Make anybody that doesn’t overtly hate Trump live in fear.  Fear of losing their jobs.  Fear of being assaulted.  Fear of having their businesses and property destroyed.

The threat against Trump supporters is real.  We've got Democrat operatives like Robert Creamer – the felon husband of Illinois radical Democrat Rep. Jan Schakowski – paying radicals and anarchists to bring violence against Trump supporters.




It wouldn't be beyond belief that he or his compatriots paid for the mock assassination attempt on President Elect Trump's life in the days immediately before the election.


Then there is random acts of violence against Trump supporters.  Take the modern day lynching in Chicago the day after the election where a Trump voter was beaten by a mob and his car stolen.


And in recent days, the cast of Hamilton in New York City took a moment to express their personal fears and anxieties to Vice President Elect Mike Pence.  Many on the Left have cheered the Hamilton cast.  Many of us on the Right quietly watch.


How should regular Americans react to the Left's meltdown?

Live well – and make America great again.

Living well is the best revenge.

95.2% of America's counties now enjoy Republican control of both the Executive and the Legislative Branches of the federal government. Once President-Elect Trump gets a couple of appointments to the United States Supreme Court – otherwise known as SCOTUS – conservatives will control all three branches of American government.

We will be able to rescind President Obama's Executive Orders on all manner of subjects, including his unilateral gun control edicts. 

You'll no doubt hear "Hillary's Army" wailing like little children who just got spanked.

We will roll back tens of thousands of pages of federal regulations imposed upon America by the Obama regime.

You'll hear radical, bed-wetting leftists crying how the sky will fall.

The Trump Administration will work to implement free-market solutions to the economy – including re-negotiating trade deals that have seen American jobs shipped overseas.

Prepare to watch lots of indignation from spoiled children.

Obamacare will be headed for hospice care.

Oh noes!  That's the only substantive Obama legislative landmark of his two terms as president.  Prepare for President Stompy-feet to howl:  "You're destroying my legacy!"

As for celebrities and companies that denigrate the 95.2% of American counties who voted for Donald Trump? 

Hit them back twice as hard – in the wallet.  Starve them.  Avoid their products and services.  Bankrupt them.


Live well and spend your money with companies that are either apolitical or conservative.

Get your news online, and not from your local newspaper, newscast or the national mainstream media.

Get off the couch and get involved in the political process.  You know the Left will be busy trying to bully politicians.  They may even try to bully you.

As for those particularly brazen Leftists who threaten violence?  Report them to the authorities.  Once President Trump takes office, we can all expect a new day for law and order.  Threaten to assassinate the President?  Expect to catch a felony conviction and spend time in prison.

Threats like these from PacketSled's (now former) CEO, via Gateway Pundit:

matt-harrigan-575x381 ceo-kill-trump harrigan-kill-trump-2-575x371 harrigan-trump-575x246

And any Facebook posts like these?  Simply unfriend them.


Don't let them get away with bullying you and your neighbors.  Get involved.  Get active.  Help make America great again. 

Do it for our children and grandchildren.