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Gun owners are not second-class citizens to be marginalized

May 4, 2018

Gun owners are not second-class citizens to be marginalized

The mainstream media and leftist politicians have made gun owners the newest “undesirable” class of Americans.  In essence, they’ve made us the equivalent of blacks in America before the civil rights era came along.  We are to be segregated and marginalized, and subject to arrest and imprisonment if we resist oppression.

Leftist gun control advocates blame gun owners and the NRA for criminal misuse of guns – and even Islamic terrorist attacks in America – just as bigots blamed blacks for social ills many decades ago.

Gun grabbers say they don’t “feel safe” with good guys with guns nearby, just like those prejudiced white women in the 1940s and 50s didn’t “feel safe” with a black man sitting next to them on a bus or in a classroom.  

Over time, those bigots on buses and in schools lost their battles to segregate and marginalize African-Americans.  And America became a better place.  

So too will gun bigots lose their battles to relegate gun owners to second class citizens subject to arrest and imprisonment because we won’t “know our place” and sit down, shut up and give up our guns quietly.

Yes, gun owners in Illinois – and nationally – are waking up and pushing back at leftists advocating to ban our guns, magazines and the American way of life.  Our pushback has already achieved some remarkable results.  Even better, more is surely on the way.

In the two weeks after the Parkland school massacre, gun control looked unstoppable in Illinois.  Bills to ban guns, magazines and body armor passed handily, some bills with super-majorities.  The governor vetoed the Gun Retailer Licensing scheme, but its Democrat sponsors still grinned.  They knew they had the votes to over-ride Governor Rauner and publicly humiliate him ahead of November’s election.

While Land O’ Lincoln legislators took a break for the primary election, Prairie State gun owners started to wake up.  We “educated” some of those legislators voting for gun control and in other cases, we held their feet to the fire.  Yes, Virginia, we still have the right to vote and we use it!

Support for the gun control bills fell away, and when the General Assembly members returned, votes on previously fast-tracked gun control bills never happened.  Why?  Because they no longer enjoyed that overwhelming support from late February!

Looking forward, gun control loving Chicago Democrats in Illinois, like those nationally, continue to grow increasingly worried about this November’s elections.  

Kanye West has led serious numbers of African-Americans off the gun control plantation.  At the same time, 17% of formerly self-identifying Democrat millennials now support the Republican party, according to a survey by Reuters/Ipsos.

In the marketplace, big companies like Springfield Armory have severed their relationships with Dick’s Sporting Goods of late.  

Gun owners are not second-class citizens to be marginalized

Other companies like Yeti have chosen to side against gun owners.  Like with Dick’s, they now feel the impact of crashing sales after trashing America’s gun owners.  

It’s bad enough that the NRA has printed free stickers for YETI owners to put over the YETI branding on their coolers.

Gun owners are not second-class citizens to be marginalized

Gun rights rallies nationwide have dwarfed March’s national gun control walkouts at schools and the March 23rd nationally coordinated events, bought and paid for by George Soros, Michael Bloomberg and their friends.  

Gun owners, especially those like those of our Guns Save Life family, proudly embrace our freedoms and liberty.  And that includes, most certainly, our right to keep and bear arms.  

We won’t sit down in the back of any buses and shut up.  Instead, we’re going to fight back against those who would marginalize us and strip us of our rights.

And if democracy ever turns to tyranny, we as gun owners will still get to vote.


6 Responses to Gun owners are not second-class citizens to be marginalized

  1. Bill on May 4, 2018 at 2:54 pm

    Very well written and uplifting article. We need to keep the pressure on the politicians and continue waking up other gun owners. This article reminded me of a great reply I heard.

    When a Constitution hating bigot tells you… "You don't need an assualt weapon ". respond with "And Rosa Parks didn't need to sit in the front of the bus did she ?" then tell them their hatred and intolerance will never stop you.

  2. mechteacher on May 5, 2018 at 11:14 am

    How to keep guns from the hands of the bad guys?

    You have to greatly restrict access to them.

    They have to be locked up.

    Law enforcement must constantly monitor their condition.

    You never want to ammunition near them.

    After we get the courts to enforce the laws with longer terms of prison terms, the bad guys will either be locked away or learn that their behaver is not acceptable.  

    Yes, lock-up the bad guys and leave the law obey abiding citizen be.


    No should be no such thing as a gun free zone. 

    A public access area means all are free as law abiding persons are free to enter. 

    If you want no firearms into an area, make it private entry with membership controlled access only.

  3. johnjohn on May 6, 2018 at 9:10 pm

    85% of gun crimes are committed by 1400 prohibited individuals in Chicago alone….if President Trump is right about AG Jeff Sessions going after these repeat offenders under Federal law…we should start seeing a drastic reduction in violent criminal activity in the windy city….at least in theory anyway…..as far as sitting on any bus in Illinois…no licensed concealed carry person can legally carry on public transportation in the 'Peoples Republic of Illinois' whether they sit in the front or back of the vehicle they are riding in…..this is very much discriminating against poor folks who can't afford to own a car and have no choice but  to ride the CTA…..no safe harbor law  exists except for your own personal vehicle….THAT NEEDS TO CHANGE….but you can thank Michael Madigan who almost single handedly crafted the shall issue Illinois  concealled carry law and his determination to keep minorites oppressed.

  4. M. on May 7, 2018 at 12:50 pm

    ammo/gun control = commie demonrat lie-whore ahole

  5. freeillinois on May 7, 2018 at 2:00 pm

    I do not support gun control like FOID cards, 1968 Gun Control Acts, bachground checks or any thing else. The Words "Shall Not Be Infringed" are not just words added to the 2A; they have meaning. 

    Its frustrating to me that Gun Owners and Patriots are so willing to except some form of gun control. 

    Prior to the 68GCA and FOID cards we could buy guns through the mail without background checks or 4473 forms, yet crime was low. 

    What this gun control has done is remove the checks and Balances in our Society. If we can not get back to the Values, Traditions and Faith that Founded this Nation this Nation will fail.

    The problems is not guns or too many guns, its a few people that cant control themselves. 

    We need to STOP regulating ALL of us because of a very few. Support Freedom not gun control.

  6. israelfirst on May 7, 2018 at 2:19 pm

    Israel has armed our teachers and we have built walls to protect our settlements from terrorist. Maybe America should do the same.