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May 29, 2018


GSLDefenseTraining Personal Protect for Teens

Don't send your kids off to college without teaching them strategies to stay safe!

The DeWitt County Sportsman's Club, along with Guns Save Life and GSL Defense Training have teamed up to sponsor the Personal Protection for Teens class this year – on June 9 in Clinton, IL.  There's also a second class on June 23rd in Peoria. 

The program helps empower teens to make them safer.  Over the course of the day, registrants will learn how to identify threats and avoid confrontations in a safe, fun environment.  Additionally, they learn strategies for dealing with bullies, dating safety, how to survive an active threat and firearm safety, all knowledge that will serve today's youth for their entire lives.  

As if that's not enough, participants learn the basics of self-defense law – taught by real lawyers. 

From there, students receive a short lecture then perform some hands-on empty handed combatives, including how to defeat a choke and a grab with an Israeli-certified Krav Maga instructor.  Do the young women in your life know how to escape a choke?


Our team also covers improvised weapons as well as the fundamentals of firing both pistols and revolvers under the watchful eye of experienced instructors.  Yeah, it's a full day.

Last time we held the class, we had teens from three states and two nations attend.  This year, we still have some openings.

What's more, the good folks at the Canadian Broadcasting Network have expressed interest at shooting a video documentary during the course on June 9th in Clinton. 


Sign up the young people in your life.  Parents are welcome to sit back, watch and learn from our lectures as well.  Registration is just $100 per person and we provide everything including lunch, ammo, course materials, snacks, drinks and so much more.  The course material is appropriate for young people ages 12 through college age.

For more information, click here.

While GSL Defense Training is a separate and independent organization from Guns Save Life, the two groups have worked together on shared goals. This course marks yet another cutting edge training program brought to Central Illinois courtesy of the DeWitt County Sportsman's Club, Guns Save Life and GSL Defense Training.

Here's a note from one parent sent following the class:

I took my 14 year old daughter to the Sunday class and I just can’t believe how great this was. Every kid in America should have training like this. the pictures may look like a bunch of young people goofing around but it’s not. these are 100% serious life saving skills taught by professionals in such a way that made it fun and interesting for the students. Everything was hands on and you could tell the instructors genuinely cared about doing it right.

My daughter is shy and on the quite side but by lunch time she was already friends with several other students. and during training they ALL came out of their shells and worked together. By the end of it I knew the instructors did this for love because there is no way anyone is going to get rich doing this. The kids not only got snacks, drinks, pizza for lunch, ammo ( a lot of ammo ), gun use, range use, a REAL Krav Maga instructor, training gear etc. for $100 !!!!. I met some wonderful like minded parents who are Patriots and enjoyed that very much.

My daughter got training on everything from safe dating advice to surviving an active shooter ( God forbid ), fighting ( Krav Maga ) instruction which is actually kicking an attackers ass every time in 15 seconds advice. improvised weapons, even legal advice !!!!. She loved it and we had a serious heart to heart talk on the long drive home. I have 2 more daughters and I will be bringing them as soon as they are old enough. If this was $ 1000 a person I would pay it and I don’t waste money on anything that doesn’t work.

I have recommended this class to others today and I swear and promise that if you sign your young one up for this and watch them go through it, you will walk away knowing you made the smartest investment of your life, and in your child.

My deepest gratitude to John Boch and the entire staff who did the training and all the behind the scenes work. I just can’t express what this means to my peace of mind and my daughters safety. THANK YOU my friends !!!!


Class date and location: 

Saturday, June 9th 

This one-day class will run from 9am – 5:00pm.

DeWitt County Sportsman’s Club near Clinton, IL
DCSC is located 6 miles east of Clinton’s city limit on Route 10.


Saturday, June 23rd

This one-day class will run from 9am – 5:00pm.

The Tac Shack in Peoria, IL

For questions, call John Boch at 217 649-3702 or email at jboch@gunssavelife.com or John Naese at 217 840-0246 or johnnaese1 (at) comcast.net.

Some sights from the last class…