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GET SOME: Concealed Carry “Insurance” *UPDATED*

January 24, 2018


by John Boch
I made a mistake last month, and it’s only right that I take responsibility for it and make it right.

Our members, ever in-the-know and on their toes, keep me on my toes.  Last month, I wrote about Concealed Carry “insurance” and how I liked Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network because they pay up front.  The other companies, I wrote, pay as a reimbursement upon acquittal over an initial retainer.

It seems much has changed since the last time I researched the topic.

USCCA now pays up-front.
The US Concealed Carry Association has, within the last few months, changed their policies to a pay up-front system.  Second Call Defense also has switched to a pay up-front policy.   No longer do they pay only a retainer up front and then the balance upon acquittal as a reimbursement.  That’s good for enrollees!

Unlike the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network (ACLDN), USCCA and Second Call Defense does not require a panel of experts to review your case before paying up to the policy limits.

Given how major company policy changes obviously can and do happen, I checked with the NRA’s Carry Guard people and their policy remains a “reimbursement upon acquittal” type policy for costs over the initial retainer (up to 20% of coverage amounts).

I also checked with ACLDN.  They now pay up to $25,000 up-front if you’re involved in a deadly force incident.  As before, if their panel of experts looks at the facts of your case and determine reasonable self-defense components exist (in other words, does it look like a righteous use of force?), then they will pay up to 50% of their defense fund.  That amount currently stands at over a half-million dollars for a single incident.

The four legs of the stool
In addition to financial protection, quality attorney referrals and great educational materials, I neglected one other leg of the stool with which your defense may someday rest.

GSL’s President Steve Davis reminded me that expert witnesses can make all the difference in the world in a criminal defense trial.  Attorney Davis remains absolutely correct, I entirely neglected to mention that in last month’s story.

Nationally known and experienced experts including Massad Ayoob, Marty Hayes, Tom Givens, Dennis Tueller, John Farnam and others work closely with the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network.  While Dana Loesch might provide an appealing and articulate appeal for the right to keep and bear arms, if I’m on trial, I’d much rather have Massad Ayoob’s ugly mug in my corner.

Re-evaluating the best value…

I’m a member of the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network.  

Reconsidering the choices today with the latest information, I still feel ACLDN offers an advantage over the other companies, but the differences are not nearly as stark as a year or two ago.

The USCCA’s coverage is mostly civil liability protection, and it’s pricey compared to the other companies.  For $250k in criminal coverage, it’ll cost you almost $50 per month.  A half-million of criminal coverage with ACLDN will only set you back $135 for the year.  $100,000 in criminal defense protection with Second Call Defense runs $399 per year.

While ACLDN also protects you from civil suits, the cap on each incident currently stands at just over a half-million for both criminal and legal defense combined.  If you feel you need more than that, USCCA’s coverage, although spendy, will cover you.

One other point:  NRA’s Carry Guard likes to tout that they cover your spouse and kids, but looking closer, the fine print specifies that bonus coverage exists only for incidents at the residence.  Just so you know.

Disclosure:  I’m not an employee or a paid spokesperson for ACLDN.  I recommend them because they offer excellent educational materials, a great attorney referral network, great expert witnesses (thank you Steve Davis) and they pay ahead of an acquittal in both criminal and civil proceedings.  For the money and the coverage, I believe they offer the best value.  Your needs may be different than mine, of course.

If ACLDN wasn’t an option for me, I’d probably go with USCCA.  Given the NRA Carry Guard’s “reimbursement” type coverage, that would be the least appealing to me.  However, anything beats no coverage at all, especially in this day and age where prosecutors increasingly defer to let juries sort out the facts in deadly force incidents.


The Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network people recently offered a coupon code for our GSL family.  Mention Guns Save Life if you call them or use the GSL25off coupon code when signing up online.  You’ll save $25 off the first year’s coverage (bringing the $135 annual coverage down to $110 that first year).  For new subscribers only.

Use that discount code at ArmedCitizensNetwork.org or call 360-978-5200.  Tell them John Boch sent you and they’ll treat you like family.

And to better educate your friends, family and neighbors on the judicious use of deadly force, the ACLDN also has a free booklet with the highlights of deadly force law.  I highly recommend it.  Download it (it's a .pdf).  Read it.  Learn it.  And most importantly, act to the standard by which you will be judged.


3 Responses to GET SOME: Concealed Carry “Insurance” *UPDATED*

  1. Frank Sharpe on January 24, 2018 at 4:27 pm

    Thanks, John!

  2. David Deplorable on January 24, 2018 at 5:41 pm

    Gettin' some CCW coverge is just a wise & prudent thing to do.  Especially if you carry where Democrats are the State's Attorney.

  3. Steve on February 5, 2018 at 10:51 pm

    John, you didn't even list other companies that provide protection to those who carry a firearm and have to use force including deadly force to protect themselves. Besides the ones you listed consisting of ACLDN, USCCA, Second Call Defense and NRA Carry Guard you left out US/TX Law Shield and most importantly the by far BEST company in your comparisons which is CCW Safe. They provide better coverage than every other provider out there.
    See for yourself on https://ccwsafe.com