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“Anti-Fascist” Bully Shot by Armed American at UW Yiannopoulos Event

February 5, 2017



Earlier this week, "peaceful protesters" at the UC Berkeley caused quite a little riot.  But not mentioned much in the media was the incident a week before.  More "peaceful protesters” at a Milo Yiannopoulos event picked the wrong person to attack. It happened at the University of Washington campus, where police tried to maintain order. As always, Yiannopoulos tends to draw out the radical left to violently oppose his speeches. The UW speech proved no exception.

Those opposed to the Breitbart editor’s speech donned masks and began to commit acts of violence. We all know that when “peaceful protesters” put on masks, they have no plans to distribute free Girl Scout cookies. Sure enough, the radical leftists threw bricks and paint, not Thin Mints, at police.

Masked and unmasked “protesters” also physically tried to keep attendees away. At one point, the masked thugs picked the wrong attendee to accost. Fearing for his safety amid an unlawful attack by a violent group, one man pulled a handgun and shot one of his assailants.

Thankfully, that gunshot ended the attack and caused the masked hooligans to scatter like roaches. The recipient of the victim’s ballistic judo, pictured above, underwent surgery. He’s now in serious condition. Police did not identify the man.

The shooter turned himself in. After questioning, police released him without charges, per the Seattle Times.

The man who surrendered to police in connection with the University of Washington shooting Friday night was released after telling investigators he fired in self-defense during a campus protest, according to two law-enforcement officials briefed on the case.

No details about any confrontation between him and the critically wounded man were available Saturday. But one of the law-enforcement officials said the man who fired the gun claimed he had been assaulted before shooting the other man, whom he believed to be some type of white supremacist.

Remarkably, the anti-fascists brazenly bragged of disrupting the event. They forcibly blockaded the venue to keep attendees out, relying on intimidation and brute force against the 500 or so who showed up to see Milo. The anti-Milo troublemakers even lamented how one of their “comrades” got shot by someone they believed to be a Trump voter. From “It’s going down“:

Seattle – Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak at the University of Washington at J20. The exact numbers in line to attend were difficult to estimate but may have been 500 or more, many of whom were outright neo-nazis.

With a massive march in downtown which included an anarchist breakaway, perhaps only 30 antifa were on hand at the beginning to attempt to disrupt the event.

…Tragically, a comrade was shot during the later stages of the event. They remains in critical condition in the hospital. The shooter is still unknown but believed to be a Trump supporter.

America has a new law-and-order President Donald J. Trump. We can only hope that this incident causes these radicals to think twice from attacking future Yiannopoulous event attendees.

Also of note, most of those troublemakers arrested in Washington D.C. at Inaugural events now face federal felony rioting charges. Those charges come with potential penalties of up to 10 years in prison.

Have the days of letting violent leftist agitators off with a slap on the wrist come to an end with our new president? Time will tell.

Either way, we could use more of these armed Americans keeping violence in check against these violent leftist terrorists who use violence and intimidations – fascist techniques – to silence their political opposition.

2 Responses to “Anti-Fascist” Bully Shot by Armed American at UW Yiannopoulos Event

  1. Old Number 3 on February 6, 2017 at 7:50 pm

    I might have also feared for my safety and did the same thing. The man pictured looks like he is under the influence of drugs. Don't leave home without it.

  2. Kap on February 14, 2017 at 9:52 am

    Good, look at the suprised look on his face and the fear shown by his partner! priceless, may or may not slow them down!