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WHY CARRY? BECAUSE DENIAL HAS NO SURVIVAL VALUE: Suspect nearly kills rape victim’s entire family

July 29, 2015
Photo via WLBZ

Brittany Irish.

There is evil in the world.  Denying the existence of evil is a fool’s game.

Denial has no survival value, right?

Most people are good people.  A few are ethically, morally, otherwise challenged.  And then there are some who are sociopaths (or psychopaths).

The only thing that stops evil men are good guys with guns.

Those who are opposed to civilian gun ownership in America will cite all sorts of feelings, emotions and even some junk science to support their flawed position.  “You’re safer without guns!” they claim.  “You don’t need a gun!”

But when evil comes to visit them, they abandon all that poppycock and call for the nearest good guy with a gun to come save them.  Many times, they don’t have time to make that call or help doesn’t arrive in time, and in that moment, you can be sure that all but the most lunatic among them will wish they had a gun at that moment.

A recent case in Maine will no doubt convert a few non-gun owners into gun owners, as it should with millions of Americans.  Unfortunately, millions of Americans probably won’t ever hear of the incident.

Brittany Irish was kidnapped and raped, then escaped and called police.  Through a series of missteps, the suspect wasn’t apprehended, but he was tipped off the police were looking for him.  His reaction was to try to kill his accuser and her family.

He wasn’t successful, but he did manage to kill two and wound several more, including the original victim, before he was finally captured.

If Brittany had only had a gun and the knowledge of how to use it effectively, this wouldn’t have read like a Hollywood horror flick.


BENEDICTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Brittany Irish, one of the five victims of Anthony Lord’s northern Maine shooting spree is speaking out against Maine State Police.

“I hope that the State Police are held accountable for a man dying and not being able to raise his children,” Irish said.

In a news conference Tuesday, Irish said previous to the initial shootings that happened on Friday, July 17, Anthony Lord had kidnapped and assaulted her four times.

“Last Tuesday on the 14th was the first time that Anthony had taken me and he had brought me to a remote cabin where he strangled me with a seat belt tied me up in a cabin and left me and then took off for about an hour,” Irish said.

Irish told the media that Lord had released her after she promised to not contact police. But once free, she immediately contacted Bangor police, who then directed her to Maine State Police.

Irish said police then contacted Lord to notify him the incident had been reported, and that is what set him off.

Irish said State Police then told her they did not have enough manpower to send a trooper home with her when she told them she didn’t feel safe.

Friday, the day of the shooting Irish discovered her mother’s barn had burned down and rushed over with her boyfriend Kyle to make sure her mother was okay.

Irish recounts her boyfriend, and father of their kids, died trying to protect them from Lord.

One Response to WHY CARRY? BECAUSE DENIAL HAS NO SURVIVAL VALUE: Suspect nearly kills rape victim’s entire family

  1. Sam Whittemore on July 29, 2015 at 6:06 pm

    I hate to blame the victim here, but what kind of prudent person *doesn’t* keep their gun handy after something like this?