Ever wanted to dip your toe into night vision and/or thermal rifle scopes but the price and size/form factor kept you away? Have I got good news for you.

Fair disclosure: When crypto was doing well back in late 2020, I had my eye on a thermal scope. Priced at about $5000, it was a big $$ pill to swallow. Then crypto crashed and that dream purchase faded.

Seeing the prices on thermal scopes plummet recently, my interest was renewed. That $5000 scope in 2020 now sells for half that – or less.  And that 5 grand?  It buys a lot nicer stuff.

I saw a $1000 thermal at Runnings in Pontiac and flirted with that.

Then I ran into Josh Loyd, an outstanding guy running for Congress who recently left his gig with the military.  Early this year, he heard of my interest and told me to sit tight for little while longer.

Apparently it’s public knowledge that the Chinese stole our newest military scope tech not so long ago and busied themselves packaging it for sale to American civilians. Loyd told me it would be here by this summer at the latest. He was right.

The Holosun DRS-TH combines a traditional red-dot, thermal imaging and night vision all in one piece of gear that sells for $1600.

One significant downside to this particular unit is its thermal resolution is only 256 x 192, or way less than half the resolution of other popular modern thermal scopes. Hence why it has a limited effective thermal range.

There’s good news coming though as Holosun will reportedly release a premium “high resolution” DRS-TH Pro version of the scope later this year and it’ll be priced at about $2300.

That’s the one I’m waiting for.  I’d half recommend you do the same.


3 thoughts on “NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME: Holosun’s hybrid Night-vision/Thermal Scope”
  1. And just think …your investment in crypto goes to support terrorism around the world while at the same time your investing in Chinese products goes to feed the Chinese War manufacturing machine so you’re killing two birds with one stone! The only problem is your Investments now are going to kill Americans later.

    Is this a gun site or a crypto site?

  2. Ah, come on Ken. China is headed for the toilet due to their own mismanagement of their economy and worse their suicidal one child policy. Businesses are gearing up to take over their markets. Meanwhile we get cheap goodies like thermals.

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