Mar 31, 2024

Gracious God, on this glorious Easter Sunday, we celebrate the resurrection of your Son, Jesus Christ. As the sun rises, may the light of His victory over death shine in our hearts. Fill us with joy and gratitude for the hope and new life found in Him. Amen.

11 thoughts on “HE IS RISEN”
  1. Thank You, Lord, for this beautiful Day,
    Thank You for Your Strength, Your kindness, and Your wisdom
    And the Love and Forgiveness You have shown my way,
    Praise God from Whom All Blessings flow! Amen.

    1. Hypocrite.

      You should get on your knees and beg Forgiveness for the horrible defamation you have committed on other good men.

      For you, other fence-sitting Christians out there.This is not me exercising judgment on another man.Other than as is required of me.The man is a hypocrite.He has attacked me and called me some of the foulest things known to man and he sits here and pretends to be a devout christian that’s called fakery!

      You will be judged sir.

      Don’t go to that judgment with those evil words attributed to you.

    2. Spreading your lies again, “ken”, and you still proclaim that fractions cannot be “added together” like the fool you are. Just because you cannot comprehend basic addition does NOT mean it cannot be done!
      You have no inclination of what is in my heart and you profess to be my judge, FU very much, liar. Are you still “playing doctor” with your daughter “Amy” “dr. ken”? Admit it “ken” you are the one to proclaim your perversion! KMA with very sloppy ones, “kenny-boy”!
      We have only your lies to perceive that you are a “good men”, liars are NOT “good men”!
      I do not proclaim perfectness in my personal prayer, and Christians are respectful when respect they receive.

    3. My, how “christian” of you!

      You must be one of those followers of the joel ostain type preacher.

      I haven’t lied and that’s defamatory, too, but you have called me a pedophile, falsely and without any inkling of a basis in fact to do so, then you have called me a quisling, again falsely and without any inkling of a basis in fact to do so and you claim to be a Christian!

      You better pray that nobody here learns my true identity because then your defamation springs to life and you will be sued quicker than scat!

      I declare you a fake a phony and a hypocrite and remind you that you will be judged for what you falsely call other men.

    4. “kenny-boy”
      YOU are the one who posted proudly YOU are “Amy’s “doctor daddy”, I just “added fractions” to point out that YOU are “playing doctor” with YOUR DAUGHTER AMY! (and I don’t believe “Amy” is a real person, AND I don’t believe “ken” is your “real name”, or that you are some kind of doctor, for what that’s worth), you senile fool! And as for the “quisling” YOU have denigrated this site and those who post here trying to destroy it or at least try to put John Boch and myself in unfavorable light since you first started posting, THE VERY REASON you were banned for a time, and that is the very definition of a “quisling”!, you ignorant fool!
      NOBODY wants to know who you are, especially me, you are scum and the only reason I troll you when you post ignorant blather, and to paraphrase the old, old SNL, JANE, “YOU IGNORANT SLUT!”
      And you perceive wrong again about my faith but you wouldn’t understand if I cared to explain it for you, just like your ignorance of basic addition of fractions, you arrogant narcissistic pile of excrement (aka: manure, poop, etc)!
      YOUR narcissistic arrogance has you believing or thinking EVERYTHING is “all about YOU” so I turn it back on you to make you see that all about YOU is NOT as peachy keen as YOU perceive them to be and YOU do not like what YOU see through my perception, so you strike out at the messenger (me), sometimes the truth hurts, but it is still the truth!, “kenny-boy”!
      Stick that in yer pipe and smoke it!

    5. You are an evil, evil person.Don’t pretend to be a Christian. you are not.

      You’ve added a new tidbit of defamation in this latest posting. Something about having sexual relations with my daughter who, I believe, you have indicated is a minor before. That’s defamatory on 2 different counts. Number one incest and number 2 pedophilia. These are false and demonstrably so.

      So kindly retract your defamatory statements or that will be added to the complaint, And I will seek and receive significant punitive damages against you.

    6. “kenny-boy”
      You are a pathetic pile of excrement, an ignorant narcissist, and I really do not care what you think of me, for what it’s worth, YOU declared YOURSELF to be “Amy’s daddy doctor” when you made the foolish fo-pah of posting as “GLS 1589”, “YOU IGNORANT SLUT” to paraphrase the old SNL skit, you are sooo easy to troll because of your ignorance and especially your narcissism, EVERYTHING is “all about kenny-boy” in your demented mental deficiency in just about ALL of your manure pile posts!
      Keep on posting, it is almost fun to troll your ignorant blather, scum-bass-turd!

    7. “kenny-boy”,
      I do not believe you have a daughter, I believe “Amy” is not a person or, is A false poster made up by you along with the “spoof” (scam, lie) “poster GLS 1589”, JUST AS you made up other “posters” many moons ago, when you first started posting on this site! You are a pathetic narcissist quisling!

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