Well now.  Someone ignored the “No Guns” signs on a CTA bus Tuesday night.  The scofflaw might have saved his own life or the life of someone else by ignoring the “no guns” sign.  Or maybe he didn’t bother with the license at all, believing the 2nd Amendment was all the license he needed.

Anyway, around 11pm, some chumbolone decided he was gonna pull out a knife and menace the passengers on the bus.  So Mr. “I’ve got 99 problems and you ain’t gonna be another one” pulled out his heater and shot down the guy with the knife.  That ended the episode and the guy with the gun exited stage left (as you’re looking at the driver…  would that be stage right perhaps?) and walked away like nothing happened.

Who can blame him.

Why deal with interrogating officers, prosecutors and litigators?  Just walk away.

Can you blame the guy?

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) – Police are investigating a shooting that left a man dead on a CTA bus Tuesday night.

It was just after 11 pm. The bus was on Division Street near Kostner.

According to Chicago Police, a witness said a man was waving a knife around on the bus. He approached another man. That man pulled out a gun and shot the man with the knife multiple times.

Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight, pal.

He was dead at the scene.  The man was 53-years-old, police said.

In other words, he was old enough to know better.

Maybe we need “No Knives” signs on the doors of buses?

6 thoughts on “Knife-wielding lunatic gets his ticket punched, repeatedly, on CTA bus”
  1. Perhaps we need “no gangster thugs” signs on busses, or maybe have all passengers go through metal detectors before being allowed on a bus, like airport screeners, or, maybe, just start putting thugs in jail.

  2. So someone Bernie Goetz’ed this dope, and NOW the authorities wanna find that guy? Leave him alone. Rest assured that the winner of this room-temperature challenge had a criminal history of stupid behavior. This was a FA-FO moment, and he should have learned this lesson much earlier in his life.

  3. Is the rightful dead ass clown another usual suspect? I hope so! Stack em’ up. It would be a travesty if CPD tracked down the shooter. CPD can’t solve shootings every day but track down a rightful defensive shoot. My guess is the shooter is probably not supposed to have a firearm. He did us all a service on this one.

  4. Hopefully they never find the shooter. If they even really look. The wild west and a war zone got nuthin on Shitago.

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