The gun control jihadists in Springfield, smelling blood in the water from a court system in Illinois that doesn’t recognize their role as inferior courts as per the US Constitution, have introduced some certifiably insane civilian disarmament measures.  Included among them:

A bill to require that every person applying for a FOID renewal or a new FOID application must complete 8 hours of firearms safety training.  Not just any training, mind you, but training approved by the Illinois State Police.

A bill to require every existing FOID holder receive the training mentioned above within one year or face revocation of their FOID card.

A bill that mandates a $500 civil penalty if police recover a lost or stolen firearm before you as the owner notify them of its lost or stolen status.  Failure to pay results in revocation.  The second instance is a $1000 civil penalty and the third instance is permanent loss of your gun rights.

Another bill that would allow issuance of a search warrant to allow cops to search a home as part of an ex-parte order of protection or Red Flag ruling to seize firearms and ammunition.  That one will get people killed.

Greg Bishop covers this on his show.


9 thoughts on “INSANE: Gun control jihadists in Springfield propose legislation to require 8 hours of training just to retain your FOID card”
  1. As you are grumbling and complaining I want to point out that You all are 14th amendment U.S. Citizens with “privileges”. You have no standing to the original constitution and 2nd amendment rights. All of the Illinois statutes and many of the federal statutes fly in the face of the 2nd amendment. The US government corporation is under United Nations control thanks to the treaty we signed with them after WW2. The U.N. has an agenda to disarm us. This is a slow deliberate plan they’ve been working for years. If you look closely, not all of the United States Codes are even considered “positive law”. Much of it is “non-postitive” law because it doesn’t conform to the restrictions placed on government in the original constitution. Since the state controls your education, they surely won’t teach you that. Prove me wrong.

  2. i don’t give a shit what the unusual negros (un) have to say about anything

  3. So what truth hurts in Illinois is saying. Is that because we are in time and place. We have no standing with anything regarding the constitution. Sorry bud. No one has to prove you wrong. You just are.

  4. We already have to have training for our CCW but now they want 8 hours of training just to retain our food? WTF!!!

    1. This is what we get when the ignorant among “our legislators” try making laws to satisfy the radical anti-firearms, anti-constitutional “lobbyists”, while ignoring actual constitutional restraints on government.
      I would refer to them as seditionist, treasonous tyrants, or wann-be tyrants, because, as you know, if those in government restrict the citizen’s right to keep and bear arms, they are wanting/doing things that the citizens will need to use those arms against them.
      Pray for America that we can defeat these tyrannical bass-turds, by whatever means necessary!

  5. Let them keep passing their ILLEGAL “laws.” IGNORE THEM ALL. They simply do not matter. Reality is all that matters. Here’s an idea-Everyone should voluntarily return their FOID cards, keep all their guns and answer the door with the appropriate style needed if and when these satanic losers show up to TRY and take something. They may take a few of us out but many more of them will go down in any/all ridiculous attempts to support their ILLEGAL “laws.” Brothers and Sisters at arms, Stand Firm. We will win this thing in the end. As always, God, Guns and Gold, Jake

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