We’re back in front of the US Supreme Court.  The four consolidated cases in the Southern District of Illinois have partnered up to skip the whole dog and pony show and filed for a writ of certiorari to the US Supreme Court, citing the horrible Seventh Circuit decision on the injunctive relief.

Todd Vandermyde has more on it.

Here’s what was filed.


16 thoughts on “BREAKING: Guns Save Life, others petition SCOTUS for certiorari reference our gun ban challenge…”
    1. AGAIN, you are showing your ignorance, “kenny-boy”, c l i k o n t h e l i n k j u s t b e l o w t h e u t u b e v i d e o, imbecile, there I spelled it REAL SLOWWW for your no information “brain”, “kenny-boy”! duhhh.
      “HERES WHAT WAS FILED” is the link, dim bulb!

    2. “Perhaps you “missed it” at first or …. you just had to hurry to get your imbecilic screed/blather in to “prove” (to yerself) you are “superior” to John’s informative post, it is soooo apparent that you troll John and myself to be irritable and (in your unstable “mind”) far superior to anybody and everybody, “No(t), really, ken”.

  1. Ken, read the cert petition from the plaintiff’s attorney citing the ridiculous stupidity contained in the Hawaii supreme court opinion. These mopes quoted a tv show line with sentence construction written by one of the usual suspects. You were wrong a couple days ago. Yous are still wrong.

    1. Yeah, Jeff, an “HBO” series “movie”, they would never be biased, would they? (extreme sarcasm!) And for a State Supreme Court to refer to their “movie” in deliberations, is ludicrous! But Hawai’i is so leftist, it is somewhere between Marxist and Leninism.

    2. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I mentioned that specifically. and I also mentioned that they quoted a line from the 80’s talking head’s “same as it ever was….” or did you miss that? And my reference to it?

      I applaud you for having read the entire cert petition and understanding it and all the citations already. I have not had a chance to do that yet.

      I would caution against making a rookie mistakes such as referring to a cert petition as authoritative law! It’s not; it’s just opinion. Don’t get too excited about that cause, remember … after all, they lost!! Every step of the way so far.

      I will caution you to not get misled or distracted by the 52 pages of the opinion that really have nothing to do with the second amendment. The only discussion of the second amendment is on page 53. everything else is either based on the State of Hawaii’s constitution or is pure obiter dicta. Most of the first fifty two pages of the opinion are discussion of the reasons why he lacks standing to challenge the laws under hawaii’s constitution. I will admit that i’ve only read it carefully once so far. I will read it again.

      Nothing has proven me wrong yet. The only thing that you point out is that someone else may have a differing opinion. And you are mistaken in that.

      if I am wrong. I will certainly admit it as I admitted several years ago when that monster of a UFC fighter beat the the living hell out of his p*** star girlfriend and I said, I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it for a moment. Her tears were fake. She had no broken bones or bloody guts dangling out of her nose and there’s no way in hell that professional killer did anything to her. And if you recollect that was in the heat of the pound me too movement where all women must be believed! I was wrong then and I admitted it then. He did her nastily.

      Think of my opinion here like you would think of a court’s opinion. First, the court will discuss the facts, and then the court will discuss the applicable laws. And then the court will discuss the application of that law to the facts which is called it’s reasoning, and then the court will render its opinion. I’ve already discussed the applicable law and given my reasoning for it in other posts which I will not repeat here. my prediction is that the Hawaii case is dead in the water right there. the supreme court will not grant certiorari. When the supreme court does decide the illinois cases that are there , they may mention it , but their opinion will not be based on it. It will disappear into the morass of time when the supreme court does get it right eventually and I am confident that they will.

      Now, if you will notice I am keeping this posting limited to discussion of the case and of the subject matter of the original posting. If anyone comes in here and starts calling names and insulting me then you will know who is to blame.

    3. “kenny-boy”, nothing to do with Hawai’i, the ILL-Annoy and PICA”
      We’re back in front of the US Supreme Court. The four consolidated cases in the Southern District of Illinois have partnered up to skip the whole dog and pony show and filed for a writ of certiorari to the US Supreme Court, citing the horrible Seventh Circuit decision on the injunctive relief.
      AGAIN, “ken’s” rant is ALL ABOUT “ken”!

    4. To be honest, GSL1589 is kind of correct here. That last one was about me. ME ME ME! I I I! But that’s only because some of you clowns are telling me I’ve been proven wrong just because someone else analyzed the Hawaii opinion slightly differently than I did. In my first posting I analyzed the opinion clearly and succinctly (heck, it was FIFTY THREE PAGES of comprehensive legalese!).

      But then when you attack ME personally, I kinda have to come back to defend MY SELF personally. I.e., yeah, it’s kinda about me. If you’ll stop with the personal attacks and confine your commentary to the analyses of the cases, then we’ll accomplish more. That’s what I TRIED TO DO, and then your personal attacks started. I’m not wrong until the final source of right and wrong (i.e., the supreme court) is heard from. And that’s also susceptible to change over the years and decades. How many of you were around in 1973 when Roe v. Wade was decided? OR ’92 when Planned Parenthood v. Casey established and then confirmed the right of the laydees to murder fetuses in their wombs? Did you say, “oh, heck yeah! The supreme court is clearly right on this!” Or did you get on your knees and pray for salvation from GOD? Now, only SIXTY MILLION BABIES MURDERED later, the supreme court says “oh, that was POPPYCOCK and stuff and nonsense,” which all of us thinking people knew the first moment we read that it came from an “emanation from a penumbra” of the 14th Amendment. Laws change. Opinions change. I’ve already said all I’m gonna say about the Hawaii case. A

      And finally, I refuse to put an apostrophe in Hawaii, and I refuse to engage in the witchcraft and devil worship that is “adding fractions together” or the metric system!

      *johnboch edited the posting to put the link in AFTER I suggested it. You’re welcome.

    5. “I refuse to engage in the witchcraft and devil worship that is “adding fractions together”????
      Math is “witchcraft”, “devil worship”???? I feel sorry for you, “ken”
      “*johnboch edited the posting to put the link in AFTER I suggested it.”
      Prove it, “ken”
      EVERYTHING is “all about YOU” “ken” must be lonely in your “world” of misconception.

    6. I’ve now read the GSL petition for cert. NICE JOB! Johnboch and GSL, thank you for retaining such competent counsel to represent our interests. That’s a beautiful piece of legal writing. It would be EXTRAORDINARY for the supreme court to take it up at this point, but extraordinary action seems called for, as pointed out by able counsel.

      I found only one error, but did not check their cites. That’s why you hire punk law students – to proofread such petitions, so there are absolutely NO MISTAKES. That said, it’ll either be missed or overlooked.

      I don’t like the overreliance on the Hawaii case, because the discussion of the Second Amendment was only DICTA. The court only discussed it in the context of denying him any relief under the HAWAII CONSTITUTION. Because, then, it would not have been necessary to the determination of the HAWAII STATE CONSTITUTIONAL CLAIMS, it was NOT part of the decision and, thus, not appealable. The court only dealt with the Second Amendment on pp. 52-53. One simply doesn’t appeal DICTA. One appeals the decision, and the decision is based on Hawaii law.

      The same applies to Kirk’s (Washington Gun Law) analysis of the case. Watch his video again. In every single instance where he QUOTES something the court wrote viz. the 2A, it is in the context of other words LIMITING IT TO THE DISCUSSION OF HAWAII’s CONSTITUTION. Every instance. And that does not an appealable issue make.

      I’m not defending the Hawaii court’s actions. It is, perhaps, likely that the Hawaii Constitution is UNCONSTITUTIONAL under the United States Constitution. Remember a couple of years back when judges were suing judges in front of, wait for it, other judges, claiming that changes to their pay structure in the Illinois CONSTITUTION were UNCONSTITUTIONAL? Guess what happened in that judge-case! But, yes, a constitution can be unconstitutional.

      The supreme court won’t take that case.

    7. Oh, GSL1589, you pathetic old coot! Not ALL math is witchcraft! Just you and your “adding fractions together!” In fact, I’m a big fan of differential equations, matrices and the “area under the curve.” (Yeah, I had those, too!) Those make bridges and airplanes fly and spacecraft breathable and the like. Adding fractions together just results in 3-headed babies, like your mom..

      “Prove it?” Um, okay, here goes. If the link had been there when I read the posting, I would simply have clicked on it. But it wasn’t there, so I didn’t click on it. How’s that? Irrefutable proof. And who gives a rip anyways? It’s merely a google away.

      Lastly, okay, it IS all about me, and you can suck it. If you don’t like it, shut up. It’s a “KEN-CENTRIC” world, and you’re just waddling round the circles trying to get in. Your jerking-circles, get it?

      * it must really, really suck to have absolutely no sense of humor.

    8. “kenny-boy”, you are proving yourself a liar again, ranting on about not attacking personally; and a “doctor” haha, why would you ever look forward to terrorist cells attacking America’s citizens, I thought “doctors” had an oath to “do no harm” but, posting your anticipation, apparently favorable, to terrorist attacks, is especially pathetic and morbid. I, for one, do not believe ANYTHING you post, your “spoofing” (aka: scamming), as in the “adding fractions” denigrating manure piles and your posting under various other names, is ludicrous and “beyond the pale” to be sure, And the ONLY reason you do it is to try to irritate me, mostly because you know I do not believe anything you post and I “call you out” about your narcissism.
      Your excessively long, run-on screeds are testament to your narcissistic sickness; yes, a sickness, your massive screeds show your mind(less) wandering seems to be disassociation of reality.
      You are not a member of GSL and you come on here to troll, stirr manure and “try” to prove {to yourself?) your “superior intellect” when what you are showing is mediocre, at best.
      I really do feel sorry for you, you never get enough “satisfaction” so you have to browbeat it into others to declare your superiority with your massively over-long screeds/blather. You really are pathetic.

  2. You dumbasses will PURPOSELY SCREW THIS UP like you always do you will run it to the 99 yard and spike the ball FKU GSL!!!!! WAKE UP DUMBASSES GSL IS THE CONTROLLED OPPOSITION!!!! GSL DOESN’T care about illinois residents right to OWN guns !!!!what GSL WANTS is your MONEY!!! Give to GOA!!!!! you dumbasses will sue for some IRRELEVANT issues instead of BRUEN and HELLER or you will screw up the paper work
    There is a special place in hell for people like you!!!!

    1. Hmmmmm. I admit I do not know which of the lawsuits GSL is named a party. I have read the petitions in all of the cases. I can assure you the focus of these petitions for cert lean Heller, and Breuen nothing more than a reaffirmation of Heller in regard to such application. Recall Breuen is primarily a case regarding carrying a firearm in public.

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