Elon Musk noticed one of WirePoints.org’s reports on the dismal state of most public schools in Illinois.  In this case, the Land of Lincoln’s 30 public schools where NOT A SINGLE STUDENT can read at grade level.  Not a one.

What’s more, 21 of those 30 horrific schools are part of the Chicago Public Schools system.

It doesn’t stop there.  JB Pritzker’s state has 53 (fifty-three!) schools where not a single kid can do math at grade level.  Yeah, they might understand fractions, but adding them together?  Fuggetaboudit.

Notice the overlap of a number of the same schools.  Not a single student can read or do math at grade level.  Yet taxpayers are spending $40,000 or more per pupil, per year, to “educate” each of these young “scholars.”

“What the heck does this have to do with guns, John?”

That’s easy.  Just think about it.

What happens when you’re effectively an illiterate teenager in our state, especially if you live in cities?  What do you have to look forward to in life?

They have no hope of getting a decent job, getting married, raising a family while having a career and becoming productive members of society.

Photo via Gateway Pundit.

A photo of the killer, flashing gang signs about about $260 like he’s a badass gangster. What a pathetic excuse for a human being. His momma must be so proud of her offspring.

Instead, these illiterate kids have no future aside from what they perceive as the glamorous “gang” lifestyle of money, guns and drugs.  And the only prestige they can readily achieve among their peers is their willingness to use violence.

And who do they use that violence against?  Frequently their peers from other gangs.  But also, they steal stuff often at gunpoint from the productive class.  And that’s YOU.

These young thugs will snuff you out in a heartbeat if you don’t comply quickly enough or have enough valuables to satisfy their entitled mindset.

If we don’t educate our young people, crime and violence is really the only viable option in their minds to achieve what they consider as “success” among their peers.

12 thoughts on “ILLITERATE KIDS TURN TO GANGS & VIOLENCE: WirePoints sees high-profile national exposure publicizing Illinois’ 30 schools where not a single kid can read at grade level”
  1. The democRAT-i-KKK AGENDA: keep the masses ignorant so they are dependent on the gub-mint programs, which in turn keep the democRATS “in power” and the masses to keep voting for the democRAT-i-KKK PARTY, add-infinitem, like a great big circle jerk that never ends. Now, with illegal invaders flooding America with ignorant third-world poor, the Cloward-Piven strategy to destroy America as founded, the Marxists will run America’s values into the ground until no one remembers how great America can be.
    Pray for America, defeat the Marxists, if it isn’t too late.
    No country has thrived with a large and growing class of parasites living off the productive class .

  2. Cute how johnboch used “were” where proper grammar dictates you use “where.”

    What, did you go to Sandoval?

    And everybody knows you can’t add together fractions!*

    * I’m gonna sit back and wait for g s l 1589’s head to explode

    1. I know I can count on Ken to make sure my head doesn’t get too big.
      1. Yep, I make mistakes.
      2. You know it ain’t AI driven content here.

    2. Ignorant “ken”:
      1 eighth plus 1 half equals five eighths (1/8 + 1/2 = 5/8) I learned this waaaayyy back in public education, BASIC MATH CLASS (1966, sixth grade) and used adding fractions many, many, many times as a carpenter.
      “ken” can’t add fractions together but that doesn’t mean it “can’t be done”, mental midget moron “ken”, pathetic mentally deficient pervert.
      Surprise, surprise, surprise, NO HEAD EXPLOSION!, “ken”, I laughed my well endowed rear end off to see that you are such an imbecilic idiot! HAHAHAHA,GIGGLEGIGGLEGIGGLE!!!!!
      But, of course, the basic way would be to change the denominators to the same value aka: 1/8 + 4/8 = 5/8, but knowing a basic ruler or tape measure, and knowing 1/2 is equal to 4/8, working with fractions for at least 35 years in the building trades, it is just common knowledge, unlike a certain idiot named “ken”. can’t stop laughing, HAHAHAHA GAFFAW,GAFFAW GAFFAW!!!

    3. Another way to “add fractions”, “ken”, you can convert fractions into decimal equivalent, as in 1/8″ is equal to 0.125″, therefor 0.125″ + 0.500″ = 0.625″; 0.500″ is equal to 500 thousandths”, or 500/1000″, or 1/2″ if you convert to machinists’ fractions/math.
      So sorry “ken” this is soooo farrrr above your understanding, perhaps your head has exploded when you discovered that I am soooo much more intelligent than you can comprehend, with your terminal NARCISSISM and quisling mental perversion (aka: everything is ALL ABOUT “ken”), thinking fractions cannot be “added” together. HAHAHAHA, GIGGLE,GIGGLE, GIGGLE, STILL CAN’T STOP LAUGHING to think you are such an imbecile!
      HAHAHA, but then, you prove it every time you post! hahahaha!

    4. Surprise, surprise, surprise, “ken”, fractions can be subtracted from other fractions as well, and, ….guess what, … fractions can be multiplied and divided from other fractions too! hahahaha, CSI will never find all the pieces to “ken’s” “brain” hahahaha it has exploded into such small pieces, there is no “DNA” left to find! hahahaha, and there were NO brain cells to be found in the first place!!

    5. We love you, johnboch. Just don’t forget we are on the same side, despite what that ol’ coot GSL1589 thinks.*

      Just waitin’ for you to to step up and apologize to Jabba the Gut’s lovely daughter for calling her awful things. And the fellow the other day whom you called a “cuck.” That’s not very gentlemanly of you, sir.

      *and he’s silly enough to think you can actually ADD fractions together! Hahahahha.

      ** oh, my goodness, have I got him on a rant now!

  3. Montessori of Englewood? Montessori…..of Englewood…
    This proves the problem is ‘culture’, environment, and plain ole’ simple shitty parenting. For generations….
    These people are beyond being educated. No alternative exists except for rendering. There will be no saving through prayer. They may save their own souls but the time for man’s justice has come. It should be swift and brutal.

  4. Democrats and the KKK.
    The KKK was formed by Nathen Bedford Forrest after the democrats lost the insurrection of 1860 to 1865, aka the Civil War. Nathen Bedford Forrest received a standing ovation at the 1868 Democrat National Convention.
    Democrats Woodrow Wilson, Harry Truman and LBJ all belonged to the Klan. Lyndon Johnsons Klan membership was discovered by the FBI while investigating the assignation of JFK.
    Franklin Roosevelt appointed a Klansman and democrat named Hugo Black to the Supreme Court of the United States. FDR also picked the Klansman Truman to be his VP.
    And we can’t forget how Joe Biden partnered with fellow Democrat Robert Byrd to fight against bussing. Byrd was a democrat and an Exalted Cyclops of the KKK. And Biden gave the eulogy at Byrds funeral.
    Whenever I try to submit this comment on yahoo it is rejected.

    1. yahoo does not allow truth to be told about the democRATS, truth to democRATS is like a crucifix to Dracula.

    2. I miss hearing Rush light into those guys when he and Byrd were both still alive. He held no criticism back, and rightfully not. Byrd was an EVIL man. So was Teddy Kennedy, a FELLOW of the day. And Joe Biden, who seems to be immaculate. He’s the “Teflon Con.” NOTHING sticks to him. It’s amazing the extremes the deep state and mainstream media go to, to protect their chosen.

      C’mon, NORTH Korea, nuke us now. We need it. Make us one Nation, under GOD, indivisible once again.

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