Welcome to Mayor Brandon Johnson’s Chicago.  Home of Chicago values.  A woman walking to work at 4:15am is robbed by a bunch of thugs.

Nobody would stop to help her after they left.  Brazenly, the bandits returned and beat her for trying to flag down help.

Some version of this happens dozens of times each and every night.  Roughly half of the robberies aren’t even reported because people figure “why bother?”  It’s not like CPD is gonna catch the perps.  And even if CPD IDs them, they won’t chase their car.

Ya’all voted for these people who run Chicago, Cook County and the State of Illinois.  You’re getting the results of those votes good and hard.

4 thoughts on “‘CHICAGO VALUES’: 4-5 black males rob woman then come back and beat her”
  1. The usual suspects deserve no quarter. These people have proven they cannot exist is a ‘civil’ society. Society may be civil without them. Raise the black flag, no quarter to the usual suspects.

  2. Let us hope she has sons or grandsons who know what must be done.

    Fellow preppers, what do we do with this sort, post-shtf?

    If you have not reached a resolution on that in your mind yet , I suggest you take a few moments to do so and then effectuate it when the time comes

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