The Chicago Teachers Union head, Stacy Davis Gates (pictured above) says it’s all just a big misunderstanding.  She didn’t really mean it when she reportedly told her “brothers and sisters” at a CPS elementary school to “punch their principal in the face.”  Why Stacy?

This from a woman who somehow just can’t pay her $5579 water bill despite the fact she’s bringing home at least $289,000.  By the way, what does she do with $5579 in water, grow marijuana plants by the truckload?

From WTTW:

A Chicago Public Schools principal has filed an incident report with the Chicago Police Department, saying that Chicago Teachers Union President Stacy Davis Gates called for union members to commit an act of violence against him.

According to a copy of the Jan. 26 police report obtained by WTTW News, William Hozian, principal of Stevenson Elementary School at 8040 S. Kostner Ave., reported that Davis-Gates spoke to attendees at a union meeting and said, “In talking to my Stevenson brothers and sisters, I told them they should punch their principal in the face.”

Hozian said the information was relayed to him by two witnesses who attended the meeting, according to the police report. The two witnesses provided written statements about the comment to police.

In the report, which was taken by officers at the school, Hozian said that he found the “incident and comments very concerning,” and says he wanted to document it to police…

Hozian also reported that on Jan. 17, “a teacher approached him and told him that another teacher heard that he/she will slash the tires of the principal’s vehicle,” the police report reads.

The case was closed and determined non-criminal in nature, according to a police spokesperson.

Don’t forget, the CTU are the people who kept CPS students at home for “remote learning” a lot longer than necessary during the China flu, putting them further behind than students in other schools not only in Illinois but across the nation.

6 thoughts on “CESSPOOL: Chicago Teacher’s Union head threatens violence against CPS elementary school principal”
  1. Teacher’s unions hate our children. They protect the rights of evil Marxists who indoctrinate kids to hate themselves and their country. The cream doesn’t rise to the top of these organizations. Look at the psycho who heads their national union. It’s disgusting.

  2. Many have criticized John Boch for being hard on the Chicago School System. Kids who get a good education do not have to turn to crime. In America one of the most basic government functions is to educate our young people so they can grow up and lead productive lives. Chicago is committing child abuse by not educating these kids! Educated kids mean less crime, less crime means we do not have to carry a gun all the time. If Chicago would listen to John, and clean up their act, he would soon be out of a job reporting on crime. Why Chicago teachers are doing this to their own communities is beyond me. The most racist man who ever lived could not come up with a better plan to destroy black and brown youth than what Chicago is doing to its schools.

    1. It is the Marxist agenda to destroy America, the “teachers” unions are the tip of the spear…. read up on the Cloward-Piven communists that created the agenda the Bribe’im administration is putting into effect with the open borders to flood America’s welfare and financial systems.
      “Pray for the destruction of the Marxists and the resurgence of America’s Constitutional Republic!

    2. I would respectfully argue that the idea that educating children is a “basic government function” is part of the problem. Educating children is a basic *parental* function. I doubt that has ever been more true than now. I understand that there are a lot of reasons people send their children to public schools, but it’s time to be sober-minded about the real cost of continuing that versus the cost of getting them out ASAP.

    3. They are not public schools, they are government schools/indoctrination centers.
      How is it that AT&T had to be broken up because it was a monopoly, but government schools are not?
      The ONLY thing government does successfully is spend the taxpayers money.

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