Guess who’s back in the hospital for anxiety attacks?

Why are you panicking?

Is it the cold?  Is it the illegals invading your city?  Is it pressures from your backers who are getting cold feet?  Or are you backers getting ready to throw you under the bus?

Don’t worry.  We’ll hoist a cold one to your ill health.

How’s the ticker, anyway?  Oh, is that cancer you’ve got?  Damn, that’s a shame.

5 thoughts on “Guess who’s back in the hospital for anxiety attacks?”
  1. Maybe the pathetic affirmative action hire should just resign, apparently he cannot handle responsibility, would not be a big loss, look what he replaced.

  2. If he’s confused now, wait until the (D) convention hits town. It’ll be Ren & Stimpy Live.

    1. More than that, it’ll be Barnam and Bailey on steroids with illegal firearms, ANTIFA, BlackLiesMatter, Hamas infil-traitors, Hezbo-la infil-traitors, Chitcago gangland terrorists, and all the rest of the democRAT voters and politicians. A great time for God to eliminate the majority of the evil in America! Maybe they will destroy themselves, trying to overpower each other, stock up on popcorn, and pizza for the entertainment!
      Pray for America, may He Bless America, again!

  3. Let’s go Brandon. Don’t die now, motherfucker.
    Yeah, he’s gonna be in ICU by the time the Democrat National Commie Convention gets to town! All of “his peeps” will be out shooting the shit outta one another, raping and robbing the conventioneers and acting like fucking fools.

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