Did you know it’s not against the law for police agencies and their officers to lie to the public?  It’s not.  It’s highly illegal if you lie to the police, but not the other way around.  With that in mind, the Illinois State Police wants to let Illinois residents know they they can still register their banned guns after the registration deadline has passed without fear of criminal charges from law enforcement.

Do they also have some great farmland for sale just a few miles off the coast of Lake Michigan as well?

From WICS:

Springfield, Ill. (WICS) — If an Illinois resident did not register their assault weapons by the January 1st deadline, they still can without fear of criminal charges from law enforcement.
“ISP does not intend to act against residents who file an endorsement affidavit after January 1, 2024,” Illinois State Police said in an email. “The FOID Portal will remain open and people can submit endorsement affidavits at any time. ISP’s goal is compliance with the law and safety.”

People who fail to register assault weapon could face felony charges. According to the Illinois State Police, over 29,000 residents have registered their assault weapons. That accounts for just over one-percent of all FOID card owners in Illinois.

Guns Save Life’s take:  If you register your stuff as a FOID holder after January 1st, 2024, you’re just asking for trouble in your life.  Up to and including felony charges, a felony conviction and loss of your firearm ownership rights for life.

Don’t talk to the police.  That applies to submitting registration information after the deadline for doing so has passed.

12 thoughts on “Illinois State Police claims they won’t arrest those registering banned guns after the Jan. 1 deadline”
  1. I smell bullshit from ISP here. If you haven’t already registered your guns, you are in violation of the law. More than one gun gets you a felony charge, should they choose to enforce. Registering an amnesty gun gets you a charge as well. This is literally the definition of self-incrimination, since the 01/01/24 deadline has passed.

    This is either one of two things.
    1) ISP is sucking around looking for people to put their own heads in the noose, and make their jobs easy for them. If you register now, you are flatly admitting breaking the law.
    2) ISP and Fat Boy just blinked, and are tacitly admitting that the registration piece is an utter failure, and they are trying to increase their numbers ‘for the optics’ of it.

    Either way, there is no way in HELL I would register after the date unless the GA and Lard Lad revamp the PICA law, granting amnesty and setting a new hard date for the registration process. To register now without the force of law behind you is the quickest way into the trick bag I can think of. A few well-publicized prosecutions is exactly what these bastards would love to see.

    While I registered mine because of certain circumstances I refuse to disclose publicly (and with a quick escape plan ready to implement), registering post 1/1 without legal amnesty is plainly foolish. There is ZERO reason to trust these people at anything they say.

    1. Not at all, GG. I am saying that if you were for some reason to feel compelled to register as I was (which I will not get into the circumstances why), I sure as hell wouldn’t do it now post 1/1 unless they changed the dates in the law. Their word alone means nothing. I think the whole registration thing is utter bullshit and should have been tossed out completely, but here we are. I think this horseshit ISP is trying to sell today is nothing but attempted entrapment, as MarkB said. It is my hope this entire law is thrown out by the courts, though they didn’t do it nearly fast enough to help me personally. Putzker is an evil bastard that I wouldn’t trust as far as I could throw him.

      I never wanted to register them at all. I think being compelled to do so under penalty of felony violates the 5th Amendment. In my particular instance, I felt I had no choice but to comply. Every person is different.

  2. Good news: Lifetime shitbag grifter Wayne Lapierre just resigned from NRA, citing ‘health reasons’. He’s done a pretty good job of pulling a ‘Joe Biden’ on the organization over the last 20 years, so its time for him to bail just before the jumped up corruption trial brought by Letitia Soros in NY begins. Wonder how many millions that puke skimmed from gun owners over the years. I hope they finally put a real 2A advocate in charge again, but we will see. Until then, my money continues to go to GOA and 2AF.

  3. So, if the police can decide when, and if, to enforce a law, can the public determine if and when they want to comply with a law? The lack of enforcement appears to give government’s tacit approval to ignore the law, but it doesn’t. Selective enforcement doesn’t make the law friendly or less harmful. It is simply a tactic to ease the pain of socialist doctrine that assumes only government is smart enough to control your life. Once the idea that this is acceptable is believed your freedom to speak freely is next. Without intervention Illinois will, or has, become untenable for normal people. We may need to vote with our feet.

    1. Felixd, not the “rank and file” police, it is the elected officials, aka: “County Sheriffs” that choose to stand by their oaths to uphold and abide by protection of our constitution(s) from “all enemies, foreign and/or domestic” and those who also believe this “law” is unconstitutional and it is their duty to NOT enforce it. May God Bless them for standing on their principles!

      The courts move too slow in these kinds of matters but, they are designed to be “deliberative”, I just wish when they declare this PICA law unconstitutional they would hold accountable the ones who wrote the bill and signed it into law as being “traitorous” especially the way the bill was rammed through a lame duck session without possibility of rebuttal, opposition or public input. Just sayin’.

  4. My momma didn’t raise a fool. Register now? I’m more and more comfortable with my guns
    ahem. My guns being out of state.

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