As Christmas nears, we have a bit of good news for all the little good boys and girls in Illinois.  Our increasingly crime-ridden state’s new gun and magazine ban – which only impacts the law-abiding – will not impact Santa Claus!

Don’t listen to woke politicians – typically Democrats – who blame law-abiding gun owners for the gang violence that’s permeating cities in our state.  Or their inability or unwillingness to tackle to true cause of crime.  (Hint:  Florida put gun-toting offenders in prison and their firearm violent crime rate dropped to historic lows in just a few short years.)

Yes, it’s GANG VIOLENCE, not gun violence.  And the gangs have been busy thanks to the soft-on-crime radical Democrats who run our state.

And they’ve been busy across the city.  Thank you for the graphics.

When it comes to Santa, don’t worry.  He’s safe.

First off, rest assured he’s not stupid.  He’s well armed with the best self-defense tools available.  And he doesn’t give a damn about Illinois new PICA law or gun registration.  He’s not sticking around the Land of Lincoln for over 24 hours so bans on possessing and registering “naughty guns” doesn’t apply to him.   Not that he would care.  He’s not all hung up on anti-gun, unconstitutional concealed carry restrictions.  “Shall not be infringed,” he likes to say.  While police might have fast police cars and fancy radios, Santa’s got flying reindeer.

Worried about the ne’er-do-wells out there who think they might want to sleighjack Santa or steal lil’ Jimmy or James’ presents?  These baddies might wanna think twice because Santa Claus has been practicing.

Bad boys and girls:  Rest assured Santa’s got no problems punching your ticket and putting you on the “permanently bad” list if you try to rob him, got it?


7 thoughts on “GOOD NEWS FOR CHRISTMAS: Santa’s ready for Christmas in Chicago… including the high crime areas which is basically the entire city”
  1. Santa no longer has the option of coal for naughty kids, since Illinois is hell-bent on going green. He’s gone all-out green though, with no-lead copper hollow points. Yes, elections do have consequences.

    1. I got coal for one of my grandkids. Must’ve made it past Pritzker’s prison guards at the border.

  2. Shoot the shit outta any ‘jackers Santa! We will cover for ya. We might even have a no paper throwdown or two. Sure, it will be a relic that no self-respecting gang banger would be caught dead with. But the dead don’t get a vote on what cops find in their paws.

    1. David D., you forget that Chitcago keeps their “dead” on the voter rolls so democRATS can fill out their ballots and stuff the “ballot drop boxes” at their will, sorry to say.

  3. I want to wish the Illinois State Police a very Merry Christmas! Please enjoy your holiday because in just a few days, the mean people out there who are anti-cop meany heads are going to say some really nasty things like “storm trooper” and “Brownshirt” and the “Illinois State Police’s gun ban.” If you need to, you fine women and men in uniform, go to a college and find a cry closet if those mean people who value their livelihoods and constitutional rights over your paycheck get to you. How DARE they! You have a tough job to do and people shouldn’t complain when you go raid someone’s house searching for unregistered guns they bought legally. It took a lot of work for your honorable department to make a weapons disclosure button with drop down lists and other cool features. Your IT team ROCKS! I wish people had more respect for the hard work your colleagues do. There are still a few days left to register banned items so I hope we can get that compliance rate up to about 90%. Not this pathetic .34% That’s millions of gun owners flipping the bird at the ISP and I think it’s mean and rude. People think they’re flipping the bird at the governor. They are not. The ISP is in charge of the PICA law now and people are just being mean and selfish. These non-compliance types are disrespecting the state police. Back the blue always trumps constitutional rights.
    Back the BADGE!

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