(Guns Save Life) – Months ago, nobody could have predicted that Illinois gun owners would lead the nation in refusing to comply with a gun registration scheme. With less than two weeks left for gun owners to register banned self-defense firearms, only 8143 FOID holders of over 2.4 million have complied – or about a 99.7% non-compliance rate.

Yes, while Governor Pritzker can legitimately tout that “thousands” of gun owners have complied, we can also say that millions have not.

The latest spin from Attorney General Kwame Raoul’s team during a recent federal court hearing is that “maybe there aren’t as many owners of these guns as we thought.”

The judge chuckled and said, “maybe people just aren’t registering them.”

With less than two weeks left, existing owners have a decision to make. Do they register their “naughty guns” and risk possible confiscation, future insurance requirements, fees or finding one’s self subjected to a “completely random” tax audit from the Illinois Department of Revenue? Or do gun owners have a tragic boating accident, bury them or temporarily re-home them out of state? Probably the most commonly chosen option for most is “do nothing and don’t worry about it.”

The Illinois State Police, already short-handed, don’t have the manpower to start auditing gun owners for compliance checks. That’s not to say they won’t investigate snitch line tips.

Inside this issue, we share strategies for greatly reducing the likelihood that someone reports you as a non-compliant gun owner. We offer recommendations to not answer police questions or consent to any searches at home. We also encourage folks to make sure other members of their household are also on the same page.

On top of all of that, we invite you to join us at one of our regional grassroots meetings next year. They’re free and open to everyone. You’ll meet some outstanding people, keep yourself up to date on what’s going on in Illinois and beyond. Plus you’ll have a good time. Food, firearms and fellowship can always be found at GSL events! You might even win a gun!

Lastly, keep the faith. Obviously these are trying times for the gun owners in our state. At the same time, we fight hard in court to get Pritzker’s gun ban struck down. We will win, but it’s going to take a while. In the meantime, come out and join us at a meeting or three!

7 thoughts on “WILL NOT COMPLY: Illinois gun owners lead nation in refusal to comply with gun registration scheme… thousands comply, *millions don’t*”
  1. Once the General Assembly passes a bill and the governor signs it into law a state agency takes it over. So for PICA it’s now the Illinois State Police’s gun ban. Calling it “Pritzker’s gun ban” is misleading political spin and no longer a correct description of it.

    1. It’s republican spin and should be called out as such. Gun owners are of all political stripes including democrats. It’s unfair to just blame democrats for gun control when some republicans do as well and 100% of them the Uniparty support the Illinois State Police’s gun ban by giving them more of your money via HB2722. Guns and Gadgets is getting bad about blaming gun control on “the communist party” as he calls it. Sure that’s correct BUT the problem with partisanship is alienation and now kinda isn’t a good time for that. How about blaming gun controllers whomever they are? It’s not that hard.

    If the FFL’s would collectively, in store and online, stop selling law enforcement firearms and accessories that are banned for their own citizens of whom they call “subjects” this attack on our Constitutional rights would stop pretty quickly. You see, when the ones who enforce bogus laws against We The People don’t have to live by those rules themselves they can say they don’t like it all they want however there’s little incentive to make real change. The minute the foot soldiers for the government have to live by the same rules us subjugated peons do then there will be enough interest to stop these abusive and obnoxious gun control laws. Make them shoulder the pain of gun control until it stops!

    1. Great point. They wouldn’t last 5 minutes living under the rules they enforce. They would be calling the governor’s office relentlessly begging the state to lose all of these lawsuits against PICA. It isn’t hard to see how this would go. Just look at police behavior already. They’ll sit behind the bushes watching for speeders and people on their phones when they constantly do the same thing themselves. EVERYONE sees it! I’ve found one of the best ways to get a cop to stop following you on the highway is to go the speed limit or a couple mph below. Cops don’t last two miles before they turn off. They can’t stand it! WE THE PEOPLE have the power in our own hands to stop the abuses against us but it’s going to take a collective bunch to do it. Fight like the left wing does. They get results and not worry about hurting someone’s feelings. They have one goal: TO WIN! EVERYONE sees it!

    2. The irony is: The gov’t tells the people you won’t be sold a firearm. However, that same gov’t tells people you will be sold a cake. (Maybe, we should all order serialized AR-15 cakes to register.) It’s not the cops. People for too long have kept their heads in the sand and now the extremes have taken over because there’s been little, or no, input from adequate representation. Other than Devine intervention, it not likely, or easily, going to fix itself without people putting their time and effort into effecting the change they want to see.

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