You thought Lori Lightfoot was a mental defective?  Well, Chicago voters jumped out of the frying pan of idiocy into the fire by electing the King of the Idiot class as their new mayor.  Because Brandon Johnson (not of “Let’s go Brandon” fame, but close enough) sets a new standard for the bar of mediocrity.

His solution to the violent crime – much of it gang violence – that permeates Murder City / Robbery City USA?

Serve up some word salad, beyotch!

Yeah, that’ll do it.

Especially against gang bangers like these little thugs.

Or these fine gang members…

4 thoughts on “WE’RE IN THE VERY BEST HANDS: Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s plan to tackle rampant violent crime: Tasty Word Salad”
  1. You better outta start throwin’ some pics of white boyz wavin’ ze gats aroun’ or someone’s goan start callin’ you RAYCIISSSSSSSSSS!

    **If you can find ’em, that is.

  2. Ask Father Flanagan of Boys’ Town. They are all just poor misunderstood children, and kindness and love will straighten these innocent yoth out in no time at all.

  3. As I have posted many times, the democRATT-i-KKK party needs/wants crime to flourish to keep the “gun control agenda” relevant in order to introduce more and more restrictive anti-firearms bills/laws; besides, the gangs and criminals are the democRATTS’ main constituents and voters.
    Pray for America!

  4. Camela has nothing on big brain Brandon. In fact I think some of her former staff might be writing his diatribes. If words are violence this one is trying to kill Chicago.

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