Today’s hearing in front of the Joint Commission for Administrative Rules ended without the JCAR board taking any action.  They will discuss the proposed rules at next month’s meeting.

Running that through the universal translator:  It means they aren’t stopping the latest Emergency Rules submitted by ISP.

Of course next month’s meeting takes place after the registration window has closed.

3 thoughts on “JCAR takes no action on ISP Emergency Rules 2.0”
  1. But are ISP’s proposed rules now the law? Or are we in the dark again? Is this another reason to wait on registration?

  2. Darn it! I was hoping JCAR would bring a sense of order to this whole thing the DemoRATS created! This back and forth in the courts and this committee not knowing what to do is inconvenient for the state police. They have a tough enough job the way it is. If you see a state trooper in a gas station offer to buy them a hot dog or cup of coffee. It’s the least we can do to help them before the confiscation orders come down. At that point buy them 2 of each!

    Back the BADGE!

  3. JCAR is another Illinois government entity that functions exactly like every Illinois Government entity. A rowboat with a hole in the bottom, a car with a flat tire, and a pair of rusty scissors.

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