This is not a good look for Chicago police.  Four female cops can’t arrest a single suspect.  Is it any reason bad guys don’t worry about getting arrested in Chi-town?

It’s worth noting that Mayor “Let’s Go Brandon” didn’t have these four pulling security for him.

14 thoughts on “NOT A GOOD LOOK: Four out-of-shape Chicago female cops can’t arrest a shoplifter”
  1. Had this guy been shooting up the neighborhood the cops wouldn’t have even noticed him. Side-eye. Then there’s this, in the good old days they would have taken a nightstick to his kneecap for an attitude adjustment, TY to HWJr, and gotten his immediate compliance. Of course, had they done that they would have been fired. Once more the law-abiding citizen gets the old green weenie where the crook goes free and 4 women who should be home cooking dinner instead of doing a job that takes a man still get paid no matter how ineffective they are. Yes, I’m a sexist pig but I can’t help that because my common semse always rises to the top. I am aware that it’s not a perfect world.

  2. This is the result of a political atmosphere that does not condone enforcement, prosecution, and codifies crappy bond and sentencing guidelines. I’ll be surprised if the coppers don’t get a “rip” for not ignoring the situation. Any video that is not cordial is ugly – and the criminals will make sure it’s ugly to play to the populace.

    1. Women doing a man’s job: not bound to turn out well. Just wondering if anyone has ever taken this practice to the Supreme Court. I’d like to know if police departments are hiring these unqualified females out of fear of a lawsuit or if they think they really are required to hire them. Would the SC really call it “gender discrimination” if a candidate couldn’t pass a “one size fits all” fitness test? .. just saw where Springfield now has its 1st all-female fire truck. How’d you like for that one to show when you’re trapped inside a burning building & need help to get out?

  3. .. reminds me of the Christmas season incident in Bradley, IL two yrs ago. The bad guy was confronted by a male & female police officer who then shot the male cop. .. the bigger threat. Common sense no doubt told him he was more athletic, had better control of his hg, etc so needed to be taken out 1st. .. chased the slow-running, helpless lady cop, stole her hg & as she lay on the ground begging for her life killed her with a shot to the neck. Had there been two “capable” male cops on that call things may have been a bit dicier for the bg. .. just sayin’.

  4. Never arrest slowly. He worked up his fight response and took off. An arrest-by-committee never goes well.

  5. Part of the problem evidenced in this debacle is department policies discouraging police use of force, even non-lethal force. I didn’t see any nightsticks, any chemical spray, or any tasers. If women police officers are to have any chance against a male offender like this they must be able to take advantage of such force multipliers.

    1. Have read stats show women cops use deadly force @ a higher rate than male cops. Men r strong ‘nuf / skilled ‘nuf they don’t need to use a gun. That stat rt there should disqualify women as cops. There’s a reason they call it “man handling”.

  6. Funny story, Chuck. A few yrs back my cop bud introduced me 2 his partner in Beardstown. Said the chief called him his “best” cop. The guy was all of 165 lbs. Cute as f’! Looked like a teen whose mom had sewn him a Halloween costume. 2 little 2 b a cop let alone the “best” cop. It’s so bad, apparently, not even the chiefs know what a cop is s’posed 2 look like! I say hire the biggest, most athletic people u can get. They’ll all b big men, period.

  7. I agree this situation is problematic. I think the camera, likely one that was installed by the city to “prevent crime” recording a clear video of the event is the real culprit. Assume that these officers knew the action was being recorded couple that with the reality that the perp would be released w/o bail. What do you expect? I’m guessing that Derek Chauvin, as he recovers from being stabbed in prison wishes that he let George Floyd get away. Let’s applaud these officers for finishing their shift and going home safely. Let’s criticize the social political attitude that got us to this point. Second guessing gender and physical size is a distraction from the real problems facing us today. It’s likely this guy will get arrested at a later date and that’s one video we wont see.

    1. Valid pts, Pat X Fla…as long as ur in Utopia. But, wait, we’re not. Merit should ALWAYS be the determinant factor when hiring. Women wrestling stronger more athletic men.. Womenfighters unable to shoulder carry a larger person or quickly knock down a wall to save folk. I’d bet if u were n need u’d vote 4 the best 2 save ya. Arm chair philosophy works just fine ’til it’s ur arse that needs saved.


  8. How does one prevent four female cops from arresting you without resisting?
    Throw them a donut !

  9. I believe that as 2a supporters and GSL members we should support law enforcement, lets not ridicule the same people who will be charged with enforcing Pigster’s gun ban .

    1. I think the whole pt of posting the vid is to show the lunacy of putting lady cops on the st to do a man’s job. You fix things 1 problem @ a x. Replacing women & Itty bitty male cops with physically strong male cops would be a good start. These 4 in Chicago aren’t cops so much as they are “clowns”.

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