The Democrat leadership in Illinois spent millions not only to elect Elizabeth Rochford and Mary Kay O’Brien to the Illinois Supreme Court, but also to smear their conservative opponents.  In fact, one of Don Harmon’s pet groups called “All for Justice” was set up to attack the Republican candidates.  They spent a whole bunch of money, but apparently failed to file the appropriate documents detailing the sources of their funding in a timely manner.  In other words, Dems funded this group and didn’t report it until it really didn’t matter.  Laws are for little people, not people like Don Harmon.

From the Cook County Record:

A political spending committee run by a close political ally of Illinois State Sen. President Don Harmon, and which spent millions of dollars to ensure Democratic control of the Illinois Supreme Court, has been hit with one of the largest fines in state history for violating campaign finance rules.

Further, campaign finance records show that, after the state elections board issued a notice of assessment and warning of the potential penalties, the committee transferred all of the remaining funds to a different political spending committee, also purportedly led by the same Harmon ally.

On Nov. 21, the Illinois State Board of Elections signed off on an order directing the All for Justice campaign committee to pay $99,500 in penalties for refusing to file campaign spending reports, as required by state law and Illinois elections rules.

This wasn’t just a small group who spent a few thousand bucks.  “All for Justice” raised and spent $7M+.

The All for Justice independent expenditure committee was created in August 2022 by personal injury lawyer Luke Casson.

Casson is one of the principles at the firm of Andreou & Casson, located on West Lake Street in Chicago’s Loop.

Casson, however, resides in suburban Oak Park, where he has been active in the local Democratic Party for years. He also serves as an elected member of the board of trustees at Triton College.

Casson has been politically linked to his fellow powerful Oak Park Democrat, Senate President Harmon. Perhaps as a symbol of his position, Casson was selected to represent Harmon as part of the legal team that led the defense of the controversial SAFE-T Act, the state criminal justice reform law that made Illinois the first state in the country to prohibit judges from using cash bail to keep criminal defendants in jail pending trial.

That defense included proceedings before the Illinois Supreme Court, including two new Democratic justices that Casson’s All for Justice committee helped elect.

From its inception, All for Justice raised and spent more than $7 million to back the campaigns of Democratic state Supreme Court justices Elizabeth Rochford and Mary K. O’Brien.


4 thoughts on “LAWS ARE FOR LITTLE PEOPLE, NOT DON HARMON: Don Harmon’s pet political smear group tagged with fine for failure to report funding sources in timely manner”
  1. What do they care? It means nothing to them. Paying a fine, assuming they actually do, is just the cost of doing “business.”

  2. A group that can pay over $2,000,000 to insert their two chosen puppets on a state supreme court is really going to be dissuaded by a $100k fine.

    What’s the point?

  3. No matter how much money, political power, or influence the 3 pieces of shit in the picture above have they will always be dirty, corrupt , lying scum that deserves zero respect. Pritzker is a total nothing without mommy and daddies money buying him everything he can’t get on his own. He’s a condescending prick that can’t even get a job without someone buying it for him, everyone around him is just an ass kisser hoping mommy and daddy can pay his way into the White House one day and they want to tag along. Iv’e met drunken bums laying in the gutter that at least had some accomplishments and were something before booze and homelessness took over. JB is a worthless and pathetic sack of shit that should be ashamed to be his age and still have nothing he earned on his own.

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