Leonard Cure, 53, was exonerated after spending years in prison for a crime he supposedly didn’t commit in Florida.  Florida even gave him a check for $800,000 for his troubles.  But when he blew through Camden County, GA going over 100mph passing a sheriff’s deputy in a marked squad car, he got pulled over.

He didn’t follow the officer’s directives.  Then he whipped out his Martial Arts skills and began attacking the deputy after getting tased.

At one point, Mr. Cure had the upper hand in his effort to hurt and/or kill the cop.

He even repeated the words, “yeah, bitch” a few times.

That was until he took a hot lead supplement into the side of his chest that likely pierced both lungs and probably his heart as well.

At that point, the fight was pretty much over.

Here’s the video.  It’s tough to watch and not safe for work.

And he died a minute or two later, probably from blood loss and/or tissue damage.

The deputy eventually began crying as the adrenaline wore off.  He clearly was distraught at what the motorist forced him to do to save himself.

And, in our society, it didn’t take long for the race hustlers to do their thing.

Leonoard Cure was killed because he was black, you know.  Not because he was attacking a cop, trying to choke him out to evade arrest.


Leaders at every level must act now to end the culture of anti-Blackness in policing

ATLANTA — Leonard Cure, a 53-year-old Black man, was shot and killed by a police officer in Camden County, Ga. on Monday. In 2020, Mr. Cure was exonerated after being incarcerated for nearly two decades in Florida.

“Our hearts are heavy with grief as we mourn the police-led killing of Leonard Cure – a man who was reveling in his new chapter of life in Georgia,” said Margaret Huang, president and CEO of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

“No one should be shot to death during a traffic stop,” Huang continued. “The brutal and unjust violence Black people have endured at the hands of police must end. Enough is enough.”

“The SPLC once again calls for a reimagining of policing in this country that respects the rights of all people,” Huang concluded. “Leaders at every level must take urgent action to end the culture of anti-Blackness in policing, keep all communities safe and demand accountability until equal justice is a reality for all.”

There you go.  “Reimagining policing.”  Is it just me or is that code for two tiers of justice:  One for blacks and one for everyone else.  Well, everyone except the Clintons, the Bidens and all the rest of the corruptocrats North of Richmond.

10 thoughts on “Motorist resists arrest, attacks Georgia Deputy, tries to strangle the cop until he got shot… now Southern Poverty Law Center calls it ‘brutal and unjust’”
  1. Let a concealed carry holder make one single little mistake and they’re in prison!! However, if the cop screws up qualified immunity comes to the rescue and protects that bad behavior! Too bad for you little peon citizen. Who do you think you are? While I don’t go for all the race bating, at least some on the left are willing to call out police behavior – unlike the “small government” Republicans who give (agents of the state) police a blank check to make all the mistakes they do without accountability. It’s funny to hear Republicans say we should not have “bad apple” police on the force. I challenge those saying that to put their money where their mouth is and support ending police qualified immunity then. Until they want to eliminate qualified immunity they are just speaking out of both sides of their mouths and have to be exposed for it!

    1. If this incident was with a CCW holder, the outcome would have been the same. The Officer here isn’t getting any “special treatment”.

      If an Officer shoots someone:
      Will he get sued regardless of being justified or not? Yep.

      Will he/she be judged using the standards set forth in Graham v Connor and Tennessee v. Garner? Yep.

      Will the Officer be judged by established departmental use of force policy? Yep.

      Now let’s look at the CCW holder:
      If a CCW holder shoots someone will they be sued regardless of being ruled justified or not? Yep.

      Will the CCW holder be judged regarding the local state statutes regarding use of force, deadly force, and standards set forth regarding Ability, Opportunity, and Jeopardy? Yep.

      So let’s look at this incident:

      Ability? Yep. The perp was disobeying commands, Committing aggravated battery, had the Officer by the face and throat, and had the upper hand regarding the struggle.

      Opportunity? Yep. The perp was of decently large athletic stature. He seems strong and mentally determined to harm the officer.

      Jeopardy? Yep. The perp had the Officer by the face and throat, restricting the officers ability to breathe. Would it be reasonable for a person to believe this person would cause death AND/OR GREAT BODILY HARM if left to continue? Yep.

      So once again, the good guy (Officer) wins against the bad guy and you have nothing better to contribute than to bitch about qualified immunity, and hate on an officer that did everything correctly.

    2. Good shoot. Very satisfying end to thug’s life. Concerning first comment. Heya, someone has to enforce the rule of law. Without them we will have a whole lot more rampant violence that will impact us all. Bitching about those who support the law might make you feel good but it isn’t going to make your life better.

  2. Officer did well. Seemed a little harsh at first, but did the best he could with a guy who had some hand to hand training. “Swimming” out of the taser wires, various other techniques. The cop was toast if he didn’t use the gun. In fact, he went to baton when I thought he should’ve gone to gun.

    My only critique is that he didn’t shoot the perp enough, I still remember from our ccw class (thank you GSL!) “there’s no extra paperwork for that second shot.”

    Good shoot. race had nothing to do with it. Doesn’t matter what Ben Crump says.

  3. Thanks for the happy ending story of the day so early! Made my day, especially after hearing that thug growling, “yeah bitch” a couple times. How did that work out for you, asshole?

  4. If you’re one of these cop worshipers defending qualified immunity you should join ISRA who gives anti-gun senators and reps all the talking points they need while the useless organization negotiates our rights away. OR what about Illinois Carry? They sat down with Rep. Willis to write one of the most anti-2A laws IL has. The red flag law. OR better yet, since your are so defensive to those violating our rights just get the hell out of the 2A movement. Like the orgs mentioned, YOU ARE A BURDEN TO OUR RIGHTS! It’s almost as if the lesson from New Mexico where police did NOT want to enforce the governor’s gun control order because they were afraid of being personally sued never happened. NM eliminated qualified immunity and gave that power back to THE PEOPLE. Mrgunsngear mentioned it and he’s about it. The political right memory holed it because it’s inconvenient and doesn’t fit the back the blue narrative so regular citizens suffer for it. No wonder why Illinois is catching up to Massachusetts and California level gun control. With friends like this………………………

  5. Great video. Happy ending. Mr. “Yeah Bitch” didn’t have so much to say after soaking up a bullet, now did he? Glad they happily did CPR on him. Gotta help drain the last of the blood out of his worthless carcass. Now watch his family bicker over what little he’s got left of that 800k…

  6. Bye Felicia. Who gets what remains of the 800,000.00 ? Appears Mr. Cure has been cured.

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