The Center Square (TCS) actually published a story on who bears the brunt of Chicago’s gang violence.  Although you have to wade into it FOUR paragraphs to see that blacks made up less than a third of Chicago residents, but they’re over three quarters of homicide victims.   TCS frames it as something that can be fixed through “violence interrupters” or “counseling.”  Not a single mention of the failure of the schools to educate the kids (although admittedly, the parent(s) aren’t helping much).

And mentions of gangs?  You have to get to the fifth paragraph to find a single mention of the role of gangs.  Even then, they have it pegged at 41% of victims have known gang affiliations.  How many more had “unknown” gang affiliations?

It’s actually worse than that, but let’s give TCS their chance to shine:

(The Center Square) – Chicago-area residents are now three times more likely to become a homicide victim than they are to be struck by lightning. That has Violence Interrupters Executive Director Tio Hardiman primed for battle.

“The best thing we can do is sort of reconnect with all the young people we were working with before the pandemic,” Hardiman told The Center Square. “You cannot change the circumstances young people live in, but you can help change the way young guys think about resolving conflicts. You don’t have to pick up a gun every time you get into an argument.”

In all, Chicago Police Department data shows that there were 725 homicides across the city in 2022, a 43% increase over the 508 that were recorded in 2019, or the last year before the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While data shows practically every area of the city was impacted by the increased violence, with 19 of the city’s 22 districts recording more murders, Hardiman points out that the city’s Black communities were among the hardest hit. Black Chicagoans represent 77% of the city’s homicide victims while making up just 29% of the overall population.

Now, the fine folks over at HeyJackass have some other numbers…

Given that Chicago Police have identified suspects in only a handful of homicides…  the complete picture is not present.  But it gives you an idea that gang violence in Chicago is a lot of black-on-black violence, and that’s a shame.

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  1. I’ll tell ya who’s bearing the brunt of Chicago’s GANG VIOLENCE: The fucked up low-information people who voted for these fuckups running Chicago and the state of Illinois. Fuck them and their illiterate horse they rode in on.

  2. If you’re not a criminal and avoid criminal-plagued areas, you don’t get to claim your bad news prizes.

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