Those who ignore the proven benefits of firearms ownership get to live (and sometimes die) with the consequences of their decision.  Take Philadelphia reporter Josh Kruger.  He mocked the idea of owning a gun to defend one’s home.  He “downplayed” the crime scourge in the city formerly known for its “brotherly love.”  And he was killed in his home by a violent criminal.

Pardon me while I chug the Schadenfreude.

From MSN news:

Reporter Josh Kruger was recently murdered at his Philadelphia residence despite having downplayed crime in the city throughout his career.

Reportedly, Kruger was shot multiple times before exiting his home, when he then “collapsed in the street.”

Kruger would later be pronounced dead at the hospital.

“Philly journalist Josh Kruger mocked the idea of using a gun to protect his home. He was killed in his home yesterday,” one person wrote to X.

Have a nice day Josh.  Oh wait.  You’re dead.

5 thoughts on “SCHADENFREUDE: Reporter who mocked owning guns for self-defense shot to death at his residence”
  1. BUT, BUT, BUT, were the bullets loaded in the perp’s gun rated “mostly peaceful” bullets? I mean, after all, in the city of “brotherly love” the bullets must have been designated “mostly peaceful” or at least “love-bullets” intended for use by only “mostly peaceful” criminals, RIGHT?
    Is this an example of IRONY, SARCASM, OR WHAT? Karma, sometimes it is a real “killer” huh. Wow!

  2. Some people are actually dumb enough to argue for less ability to defend themselves and their families. Do these morons take the spare out of the trunk, the battery out of the smoke detector, and throw away the fire extinguisher ? Those are also good ways to make sure when an emergency arrises they won’t be ready..

  3. Armed gays (like him) don’t get bashed. Or shot dead in his doorway. But Philly’s crime problem is over-rated, isn’t it Josh?

    Oh, wait. You can’t answer! How silly of me!

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