Some good, a couple delays (bad) and one certifiable village idiot paid by the likes of Soros.  And a couple of other things worthy of your time.



What an idiot:

Sure, let’s honor a would-be despot with trying to recreate past tyrannies.  Good thing there’s deep-pocketed donors to keep paying Feinblatt’s salary.

3 thoughts on “IT’S ALWAYS FRIDAYS: Friday’s Court Decision Dump… and other stuff”
  1. Cremate the wicked-witch of the west, get her used to the fires of hades, Frankenfein-slime, may she never rest and the devil persecute her for eternity

  2. Ironic that although Diane fineSteen has been dead, only a couple of days, she has already been burning alive in hell for an eternity and will continue to do so until the end of time! And this is just for her support for abortion.
    she’s indirectly responsible for 50 To 60 million murders. That’s some depths of hell for difi.

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