Another day in the crime-ridden cesspool that is Philadelphia. It’s not only regular residents enriched by the crime culture in the so-called City of Brotherly Love, but university students have experienced plenty of these during the current school year.

In one recent incident, five armed thugs attempted a home invasion/robbery. While no one was home to properly greet these fine young gentlemen, the homeowner’s doorbell camera recorded their attempt to coax someone to open up.

The video should serve as (yet another) example of why gun control schemes designed to limit the law-abiding to an arbitrary number of rounds is racist, classist and sexist gun control. A ten-round limit for self-defense? That’s wrong, and thanks to Bruen, it’s unconstitutional as well.

Meanwhile, over at “X” (fka Twitter), the very first comment under that video hit the nail squarely on the head.

“Try that in a small town.” Drawing on Jason Aldean’s catchy tune that has America’s gun-hating left all (and Shannon Watts, but I repeat myself) all atwitter with faux outrage and indignation as they tried to cancel someone new.

As in many of these incidents, lessons abound for those willing to look for them.

First off, just because your bell rings doesn’t mean you have to open the door to greet whoever is outside. Always use situational awareness before opening the door, which should be easy with a doorbell cam such as this one. And if you’re not expecting company, pull up the view from your doorbell camera or look outside from a window to assess who and what is waiting for you.

Secondly, home carry comes in really handy. Yes, the prudent man won’t seek to go toe-to-toe with five bad guys, especially those armed with long guns. If you’re going to defend your home, do so from cover with a gun, preferably a long gun like an AR-15.

If you don’t have a long gun handy, fight from behind cover and use that doorway as a fatal funnel. Let those young scholars step up one or two at a time to make themselves easier to “handle.”

If you know they’re coming, the best way to win a gunfight is to not be there. Let the doorbell camera soak up their ire. If you have to be there for some reason, have lots of friends with long guns there to act as a proper greeting party for the boarders.

Fortunately in this case it looks like the five thugs might have left when they found nobody home, but that doesn’t mean they won’t make a return visit.

3 thoughts on “Try That In a Small Town: 5 Armed Would-Be Home Invaders Caught on Doorbell Cam [VIDEO]”
  1. These people were a credible threat when they displayed firearms on the front porch just outside the house. They became an imminent threat the moment the firearms were all pointed into the house. If I was in the house in a position of concealment and relative cover I would have commenced fire.
    If you think my actions would be illegal please explain.

    1. Since they didn’t try to gain entry into your house(assuming this exact same scenario played out at your residence) it may depend on what state you live in, I don’t think you can open up on them(I could be wrong) if they were just standing outside the door. However, if just one of them breached your door you could open up on all five of them since all five were brandishing weapons……it would be a chaotic scene for sure with the perps running in all directions….many laws on the books say you can’t shoot an armed man running away from you, but a good case could be made that the perp was re-fortifying his position to make another attack on you…..If it was me and if given the choice of the AR-15 or an AK-47 as my self defense weapon, I would choose the harder hitting AK over the AR at this close of range. You are going to have over penetration with either round so it’s not going to matter as far as weapons selection goes if you are going to use a semi-auto long gun.

  2. OK, let’s change this up slightly.
    You are in your car. Due to your location and vehicles around you moving is not an option. You observe a person running toward your car openly displaying a firearm. Now he is at your window. Do you need to wait for the flash before you consider that maybe you can shoot?

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