Big Gun Control busied itself, gasping for the oxygen of publicity, by decrying that “Police Violence is Gun Violence.”  Yep, they want to criminalize self-defense, including for police.  Maybe even disarm the police.  Won’t that be extra-great, right?

These people hate freedom and liberty.  They prefer tyranny… until that jack boot is on their throats.

Funny how they don’t refresh memories about Jacob Blake.

Jacob Blake. Via YouTube

Remember this guy?  Back when he could walk.

He had a long record of criminal violence and was wanted on a sexual assault warrant.

Police told him to put his hands behind his back, that he was under arrest.  He fought them to get back into his car while holding a knife.


Of course, leave it to ABC News to paint him as the victim when he’s nothing but a career criminal…

Now Big Gun Control is trying to use the shooting of an armed man wanted for sexual assault to gin up support for gun control.

If their cause was righteous, why to they have to lie?

Americans know that the only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts – people like Jacob Blake that day – is a good guy with a gun.


3 thoughts on “END SELF-DEFENSE: Brady Bunch, Big Gun Control promote criminalizing self-defense”
  1. Perhaps one of the hosts from GMA should take poor Jacob in their home and provide him with all the necessary assistance to live a full life. I bet after a week that host would be calling the po-lice for help.

  2. ABC / GMA won’t be interviewing the sexual assault victim will they ? Of course not !!!! Pompous liberal media scum love that race card and victim disarmament while they sit in studios guarded by armed security. The low life reporter is helping him look like a victim. The police did a great job getting this garbage off the street.

  3. Remember if you will that Brady used to go under the banner of Handgun Control Inc. They put out a goal sheet back in the 1990’s to disarm the police. This didn’t just come up. They were looking for an opportunity to pursue that and perhaps they’ve reached the time nowadays. Given the witch hunt nature of the ISP who “just doing their job” is to manufacture a felon out of you, I won’t complain if they are disarmed. We are reaching a point ironically enough where the far left and the normal citizens who value the constitution may come to agreement depending on where one falls on the self-respect/Stockholm Syndrome scale. Where’s the GOP? Oh yeah, finding ways to feel sympathy (Plummer) for the state police and to give them more of YOUR money with HB2722. I guess they assumed that most people don’t understand the process and will just go along with their campaign season BS pretending that they care about you. The General Assembly passes the laws then it’s out of their hands. A state agency then carries out the elements of said law. In this case, the “assault weapon” law. THAT would be the Illinois State Police! I know how this all works. The GOP uses gun owners for votes then goes to Springfield and betrays them. They don’t fool me.

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