Folks, this one was like a zombie movie.  A crazed guy attacked a cop and hammered her as if on a mission to brain her to death.  Even after she shot him around the edges a couple of times, he continued beating her with the hammer.

How long does it take a bad guy to cover 21 feet?  Even old people with bad backs, lousy ankles and other issues can cover the distance in 1.5 seconds.  If an old guy can do it, how long does it take a young, healthy person to close distance and employ an edged weapon or a blunt force instrument upon the good guy?

It happens fast.  Not only that, but pistol bullets aren’t miracle cures to violent criminal behavior.

Here, let Clint Smith explain it:

Pistols put holes in people.  Rifles put holes through people.  

Shotguns, at the right range, with the right loadm will physically remove a chunk of (tissue) off your opponent and throw that (tissue) onto the floor.  And you’ll have to get someone to come in and clean up that (tissue) up with a shovel…  00-buck at three yards?  Big-assed hole.

So when a Middletown, Connecticut police officer encountered an angry man armed with a hammer, she kindly asked him to drop it.  She even said please.  Twice.

He didn’t care.

He charged her.

In two seconds, as she called for backup to “come up hot” the bad guy cleared the only obstacle she had.

PRO-TIP:  There’s a time for talking and there’s a time for getting prepped for solutions.  Detective Karli should have called “10-1” or whatever and had her gun out while in full retreat.  Waiting until 5 seconds after aggressive behavior to draw down gets your dome cracked with a hammer.  Same thing for a CCW holder.  If you have some mental case acting aggressively with a blunt-force instrument, don’t fool around with a phone in your hands when you can be either in full retreat (the Nike defense) or getting obstacles between you and the guy who wants to play carpenter with your brain housing group.

Three seconds after the suspect cleared that last obstacle and charged her in a sprint did she finally had her gun out, trying to bring it up as if bowling.  At the same time she was backpedaling as fast as she could.

The bad guy got within arm’s reach before she got the first shot off and he may have deflected her muzzle on one or two of those shots.

By now she was screaming for her life after managing to fire about six shots.  Her attacker was growling like a zombie from a Hollywood production while trying to hammer her to death.

It’s tough to watch.

Folks, there’s a time for shooting and there’s a time for talking.  Don’t confuse the two.


4 thoughts on “TUELLER DRILL: Female cop vs. Hammer-armed suspect… She’s lucky to be alive… [GRAPHIC VIDEO]”
  1. This was nuts !!!! The things I noticed was she should have had her gun in her hand the second she saw the hammer ( he was on the other side of the fence still ) and #2 she’s probably younger and healthier than he is so rather than running backwards she maybe should have turned around and ran like hell to regain her gap. running in reverse is a great way to trip and end up on your back. If you can haul ass pretty good running away to regroup yourself isn’t a bad idea if the weapon isn’t a gun. Anyway just my 2 cents as it’s easy to “what you shoulda done ” while sitting watching a video.

    1. Wise advice, Kemosabe. I am with you. At the first sign of aggresion from the guy, I would have retreated. When he came at me at a full run, I prolly woulda shot him

    1. According to YT he holed up somewhere and took a coulple hours to surrender. She needs some training… assuming she returns to duty after this…

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