he Atlantic squealed with delight at finding what might have been the very first gun control law in the American colonies, from all the way back in 1619. Writing about it in “America’s Original Gun Control” on their website, they can barely contain their glee.

The reason for their giddiness is that under the Bruen Supreme Court decision last summer, the only gun control laws permitted today are analogues of those commonly in place in Colonial times – specifically 1791 and before.

Again, from The Atlantic via MSN:

America’s Original Gun Control
by Robert J. Spitzer
In the summer of 1619, the leaders of the fledgling Jamestown colony came together as the first general assembly to enact “just Laws for the happy guiding and governing of the people there inhabiting.” Consisting of the governor, Sir George Yeardley; his four councillors; and 22 elected “burgesses,” or representatives, the group approved more than 30 measures. Among them was the nation’s first gun law:

That no man do sell or give any Indians any piece, shot, or powder, or any other arms offensive or defensive, upon pain of being held a traitor to the colony and of being hanged as soon as the fact is proved, without all redemption.

After that early example of gun control came many more laws placing restrictions on the ownership and use of firearms. If guns have always been part of American society, so have gun laws.

So there you have it. The Atlantic proudly points to what may be the first Colonial period law placed on the books. A law that kept Native Americans disarmed based upon their race. While the first racist gun control law may have been aimed at keeping Indians disarmed, no doubt plenty more soon followed targeting blacks.

Once more, demonstrating gun control’s racist roots. The Atlantic simply turns a blind eye at the racist roots of gun control.  Isn’t it amazing how they’ll turn a blind eye on the racial aspect of the gun control law because it fits their preferred narrative.  Do they feel the same way about segregation of public facilities?

And racist gun control has flowed all the way through history to modern times. The FOID cards Illinoisans carry today came about as a direct result of Mayor Richard Daley’s bid to keep guns away from blacks in Chicago during the social unrest in 1968.

The Atlantic apparently either doesn’t care about or doesn’t want to advocate for the rights of blacks to keep and bear arms in America.  Maybe Mr. Spitzer doesn’t either.

Or just maybe they would rather keep present-day blacks firmly ensconced upon the gun control plantation!

3 thoughts on “RACISM IGNORED: <i>The Atlantic</i> gleefully reports the first known gun control law in the American colonies”
  1. Scratch any communist, and you will find a deep-cover racist. Joke Biden is one of the biggest racists you will ever see this side of Gov. Wallace from Alabama. It runs so deep in him that he can’t help it when it spills out of him on a regular basis. Since the Demofilth controls the narrative in the US, he gets a free pass every single time.

    You can bet your ass that Fat Bastard isn’t nearly as progressive as he loves to let on here in Illinois, either. He just does a better job of playing at it than most Democrats do. Once it goes through the media spin cycle, all Trump supporters are Klansmen, and all Democrats are golden. If you own guns, you are not only twice as racist, but an insurrectionist to boot. F’em all.

  2. I disagree wholeheartedly.
    The first law wasn’t based in racism. It was based in the principle of: “Do not sell arms to your enemy.” How could you make this mistake?
    The Indian was the WHITE MAN’S sworn enemy in those days. They were killing us every chance they could.
    The law was simply a common-sense measure to avoid arming the very people who wanted to kill us.
    You’re getting as bad as the BLM people and joggers, crying racism at every turn!

    * that said, glad ta have ya back, ol’ JB! You’ve been missed!

  3. The same people who accuse the ‘Pilgrims’ of being murderers and vile white supremacist protestants now cite their ‘gun control’ as a model. Hmmm. These a-holes need to be rendered from this country.

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