by Frank Sharpe
Fortress Defense Consultants
via Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network.

“We don’t get to opt out of someone else’s reality because it doesn’t make sense to us.”

– Dr. William Aprill

When I began Instructing 20 years ago there were existing videos of gun and knife attacks, as well as beatings and brawls, but the material worth studying was limited.

With the advent of affordable surveillance systems, phones with video capabilities and body cams, video of almost every engagement worth considering is available.

Access to such resources has allowed me to study thousands of fights, and one thing I’ve noticed over the last 10 years is a massive shift in the levels of violence being inflicted on victims. Instances that would have once been a trade of a few blows between combatants have progressed into maiming and murders, often through mob action.

How a fight is fought is no longer bound by the traditional rules of western civilization like – 

  • You don’t kick a man when he’s down.
  • You don’t hit girls.
  • Sucker punching is a cowardly act.
  • It’s man against man, not group against man.

Those tactics have lost the stigma of socially unacceptable to a vast swath of the population.

Practices once considered dishonorable and reserved only for prison inmates and gang members are now commonplace in grade schools. And it’s not just a single rogue “bad student,” it is regularly occurring with groups of five to 50 youths and often directed towards teachers and other adults.

On the streets, the pattern appears to be:

Step 1 – Sucker punch (often from behind by a third party).
Step 2 – Group jumps on stunned victim and beats them to the ground.
Step 3 – Once victim is down, turns are taken kicking them in the head.
Step 4 – Someone adds literal insult to injury by rifling the victim’s pockets and robbing them.

While I was typing this, a video just showed up in my inbox of a man in Minneapolis, MN, last Friday evening being stomped on by five men in an unprovoked attack. One of the criminals was leaping in the air and landing on the prone victim with both feet, as an accomplice emptied his pockets.

Last week I watched a video of a female assistant principle at Westfield High in North Houston, Texas, being attacked by a mob of ninth grade students, mostly boys, in the school hallway. As she was beaten to the ground, kicks and blows were delivered to her head. This occurred while dozens of other students cheered it on and shot video. She was hospitalized with serious injuries.

Dozens of events like this are happening every day, teeming with violent acts most of us over 35 simply can’t wrap our brains around. We couldn’t imagine engaging in such behaviors when we were kids. The thought of kicking anyone in the head, let alone an authority figure, was simply not on our list of possibilities. It wasn’t done. It was deemed by society as attempted murder.


We also didn’t entertain flash mobbing a retail store, stealing thousands in merchandise, and never being apprehended or prosecuted. We couldn’t in our wildest fantasies envision a world where carjackers and armed robbers would be released without bail, or where you could take over multiple city blocks in a major city like Seattle, declare a “Law Enforcement-Free Autonomous Zone,” and the police would actually comply.

Yet here we are.

Few are processing what this means for their personal security, or for the nation. Reality is about to collide with detachment. It’s going to get messy for more than just a few Zimmerman-like outliers as we’ve witnessed in the past. Any of us could be next.

When we scan over the horizon, we can easily predict that cut-and-dry cases of self defense are going to be charged by Soros-placed prosecutors (and the like) at a much higher rate. We just saw such a case in Texas with Daniel Perry.

We may be seeing a political prosecution soon in NYC with Daniel Penny, who recently subdued the violent actor on the subway resulting in the attacker’s death. [Note: After this article was submitted, Penny was arraigned on second degree manslaughter charges.] Of course, the news is covering the deceased as an “innocent, black subway performer who impersonated Michel Jackson and was distraught over the passing of his mother” rather than the mentally ill career criminal with over 40 arrests, who routinely threatened violence and death while battering train passengers that he was.

The same can be expected in our future self-defense events.

When the mob attacks and one of us is forced to use our firearm while facing certain grave bodily injury or death, we can expect the media narrative to focus on “poor, innocent, peaceful protesters who were the victims of vigilante murder at the hands of” whatever demographic labels they assign. Homophobic, racist, trans-phobic, religious, sexist, Nazi, gun nut, etc. It doesn’t matter what lie they tell, as long as the reversal of the actual victims and criminals creates a nullification in the minds of their voters of any claim of legal justification by the defender. That’s the goal. 

What will not be discussed on the major news outlets is disparity of force, the pounds per square inch of force delivered by a 175 pound, 17-year-old male’s shoe-encased foot, mob action, felony murder, or any of the basic tenets of self-defense law.

Soon, there is going to be a plethora of absolutely outrageous prosecutions of a blatantly legal uses of force that contain no precedent for charges, let alone anything like them ever being prosecuted before.

Don’t think for a second that if a former president can have his home raided for literally no legal reason, or that same president can be charged, arrested, and processed for an alleged accounting error occurring in a business at a time when he was no longer running it, that any of us can’t be thrown into the judicial system meat grinder on a whim. We can, and we will.

The rules have changed for criminals, and they have changed for us.

Gone are the days of common behavioral expectations, self-discipline, self-control, restraint, shame, or simply saying “pardon me” and moving on. The rule book for settling conflict among civilized individuals was burned in the riots of 2020.

However, the legal rule book still remains – and its full force is being weaponized against the righteous.

When the power of an agenda-driven media (instigating a politically motivated mob) is coupled with Soros-funded prosecutors in jurisdictions that care more about the support of criminals than the lives of the law abiding, the legal quagmire will not be something any of us will successfully navigate alone. We’re going to need LOTS of help!

The beating you survive on the street will only be the beginning. The monetary, health, emotional, vocational, reputational, and relationship beating the legal system is about to inflict will be just as destructive, and equally as criminal!

As they say, life comes at you fast. Well, so does death. That’s why we take appropriate steps to defend our lives. However, sometimes death can be slow…like, life in prison slow.

So, I say this with true concern and caring to all good people reading: This day in age, only a fool would waive the opportunity to have the Armed Citizen’s Legal Defense Network in their corner! Then, get proper training – you’re going to need it.


Editor’s Note: Network member Frank Sharpe contributed these thoughts for publication, for which we are grateful . He operates Fortress Defense Consultants, a mobile training school based in Indiana offering public and private courses nationally in defensive firearms and medical/wound treatment, as well as security consulting. Don’t miss the blog posts on his website at He can be reached at and by phone at 708-522-8060.

8 thoughts on “FRANK SHARPE: ‘You don’t get to opt out’”
  1. Just remember when you intervene to help someone who is being violently attacked, you will be attacked by our system of government. they don’t want you protecting others, they want you to die.

    After my negative encounter with malicious prosecution which nearly bankrupted me, I no longer intervene. It’s me for myself and my family alone and the hell with the rest of you.

    And if you’re going to carry concealed, get the insurance! If you don’t, you’re willing very much, regret it.

    1. I too encountered the States anti-self defense system of Justice. I’m very sorry for whatever struggles you had to go through. My prayers for you and your family. It angers me tremendously that any type of injustice happened to someone.

      But, it will not dissuade me from defending myself, my family or anyone else in need. In fact, I am more educated and aware of the risks and better equipped of my legal options and how to handle the consequences.

      I will not allow politicians to limit my liberties and freedoms. Too much blood has spilled and generations of men and women have sacrificed too much, let alone my service, my brothers service, my family’s long legacy of blood sacrifice and service to protect our Freedoms.

  2. Great article.

    Perhaps just as portrayed in the series, “1923” about the life and legacy of the Dutton family and ranch in Montana. When Cara and Jacob were defending their ranch from thieves, they created a new law enforcement agency, whose sole purpose was to protect the rights of ranchers. Perhaps, it’s time to start thinking along those same type of paths. Creating an “agency” of mutual interest, to actually protect each other.

    God knows. The laws in Illinois protect those of a specific ideology or a billion dollar pocketbook. Meanwhile, the state creates such a friendly environment of crime and corruption that lawful men and women are either victims of violence or criminals of defense.

  3. Great advice from Mr. Sharpe. Glad to see him back. His stories are always worth reading!

  4. The Third Civil War in this nation is about to break loose. I can not see how this goes on much longer. All of these “scholars and restless youths” get older each day. This behavior will carry to their adult years. The cities in the U.S. where these creatures live will be centers of deadly violence. This violence will have to be put down hard. If you think the level of degeneracy is bad now…

  5. I’ll be honest… I try to avoid black people, especially teens and 20s who can’t wear their pants over their asses. It wasn’t long ago that I had a pair of them accost me as I pumped gas. I sprayed asshole #1 with gasoline and a funny thing happened… he didn’t want to play anymore. Then he called me a “fuckin’ cracker” and said I called him the N-word. His buddy fumbled his draw and I didn’t fumble mine. He ran like his hair was on fire while I stood there with a gas nozzle in one hand and my Taurus in the other.
    The gas I sprayed asshole #1 with was money well spent. I drove the hell out of there. And this was outside of Chicago but not by much.

  6. I should say I avoid shady-looking black people. I have no problem with decent people of any color. If you’re a crook or look like you might be up to no good, I’ve got no use for you.

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