“Street takeovers” continue growing in Chicago as large mobs of unruly “little rascals” and “scholars” block traffic and have an impromptu party.  Street parties are nothing new in cities, but these “takeovers” usually occur in high-traffic intersections blocking motorists (and emergency vehicles).  What makes them dangerous is when reckless drivers ply their skills at drifting and doing donuts in their cars.

The latest involved hundreds of people and police eventually made a whole two arrests.  Meanwhile the intersection was blocked for six plus hours.

Here’s the first video.  Neither may be completely suitable for work (language, vulgarity, maybe some semi-nudity):


CWB Chicago has the story (like usual):

CHICAGO — A large group takeover resulted in at least two arrests as Chicago police corralled the crowd near the Belmont CTA station in Lakeview on Monday night into Tuesday morning.

Belmont Avenue was shut down for several hours as people danced on cars and blocked the road…

The takeover is a repeat performance of a similar incident in the same location on the day after last year’s Chicago Pride Parade.


What’s even more remarkable is that under the Brandon Johnson administration, the police couldn’t get any assistance from other departments in the city.  None at all.

A CPD supervisor radioed a request for the CTA to bypass the Belmont station shortly after 9 p.m. to prevent more people from joining the party.

By 9:15, an officer said about 100 people were in the street under the L tracks. About 15 minutes later, a police dispatcher reported that the CTA refused to bypass the Belmont station.

Another police request was denied around 9:45 p.m. when a supervisor requested that the Department of Streets and Sanitation deliver barricades to keep people out of the street.

Streets and San denied the request, saying barricades needed to be “special ordered” through a police commander to a street “commissioner or whoever,” a dispatcher reported.

And thanks to the lack of support, from CTA in particular, actually made matters worse…

Additional police units from surrounding districts were brought to the scene as the crowd swelled to 300 people around 10 p.m. Surveillance camera operators radioed that the group was fueled by the CTA, which delivered more partiers with every train.

The fact that police can’t get any love or assistance from other city departments speaks volumes for what the law-abiding in Chicago can expect for the next four years.

Enjoy it folks.  Those who voted for Big Brain Brandon are going to get what they voted for gooder and harder.  Those who didn’t vote for this feckless communist, they’re just screwed.

Carry your gun.  You’re gonna need it.

One thought on “DESCENT: Chicago lawlessness grows under ‘Big Brain’ Brandon Johnson; Chicago Police get no love or support from other City Departments”
  1. If CTA doesn’t follow police directives when the public safety is determined to be at risk and the streets are unsafe for motorists and commercial traffic especially. After public safety, protecting free travel of motorists and pedestrians and insuring the protection of their Taxpayer Dollars commerce should be the top priority of the administration. Instead, current governments are more concerned with allowing the anarchists to continue their activities and takeover of the cities through these intimidation techniques of taking over parts of cities without any repercussions or consequences. The local residents are held hostage by the chaos and violence. The businesses lose their customers due to fear and intimidation.

    The entire role of government is to prevent this type of violence and creating peace. Why continue paying taxes to a defunct institution that fails to provide a service? Private security companies are being sought by those with resources. Sowing a greater divide and animosity of distrust. Perhaps this is being created to push out certain types or classes of individuals? Many believe this and have voiced their concerns.

    Isn’t that call for a DA to open a case, investigate (who, what, when, where, why, ie motive) made the decision to continue bussing in people (seems like the CTA or some persons at the CTA is conspiring with the anarchists), file charges, grand jury, warrants, arrests, arrests.

    Seems like a cut and dry solution. But due to Soros and his new DA campaign nationwide and especially Illinois of soft justice. Police, Judges, Prosecutors, lawyers, courthouses, the arrested, the convicted and sentenced all have new guidelines and procedures in Illinois. However, your still treated and automatically assumed guilty by the court system, in smaller districts once your arrested. I know this firsthand.

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