Big Brain Brandon Johnson, the new super-woke mayor of Murder City USA had a plan to keep residents safe.  Upon taking the reins from Mayor Lori Lightweight, Big Brain implemented his plan.  No, he didn’t want to spend hard-to-find Chicago city cash on overtime for cops.  No, instead he spent $2.5M on “anti-violence” programs.  And some other silliness like those yellow-vested “peacekeepers.”

How did all that work out?

Well, Memorial Day weekend was the most violent in 10+ years.

A woman was bludgeoned to death ACROSS THE STREET from Mayor Big Brain’s house.  ACROSS THE STREET.  Even with CPD stationed out front of his house!

And the bodies have been stacking up.

Life in Chicago since Big Brain took office:


Here’s what brought the cops.  Clearly locals don’t mind this sort of behavior as the provide cover for the bad actor gang members committing violence.


Now, the fine folks at WirePoints have looked at Brandon’s first 30 days in office.  What they’ve found is utterly shocking.

While Florida under the leadership of Gov. Ron DeSantis has tamed violent crime to 50-year lows, Chicago under Mayor Big Brain has seen crime go up 38% in his first month in office.

Let’s go Brandon!

From WirePoints:

Readers can decide if it’s too early to tie Mayor Brandon Johnson’s words and actions with the increase in crimes taking place under his watch, but the numbers during his first month weren’t good. The negative trend that’s been in place over the last three years has continued unabated since Johnson took office.

The latest police CompStat data shows almost all major crimes grew during the mayor’s first month (May 15, 2023 – June 11, 2023), with the total crime count growing 38% vs. the same month last year. 

Aggravated batteries were up 17% and burglaries increased 12%. Criminal sexual assaults were up 5%. Car thefts continued their out-of-control spiral, up 153%. Even shootings were up 12%.

Only homicides fell over the period, declining 5%. That’s three less people murdered in that one month period, but unfortunately, still a rounding error in a city that has led the country in homicides for eleven straight years (see Wirepoints’ survey of America’s 75-largest cities for more). 

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Johnson set a tone of lawlessness even before he became mayor. He has a long record of defund-the-police and soft-on-crime statements that he continued to build on as Chicago’s mayor elect. 

His “silly kids” comment in late April after a teen takeover of Chicago’s downtown in late April only enabled even more youth crime. 

“They’re young. Sometimes they make silly decisions,” Johnson said as he doubled down on his previous calls for the public to not “demonize” hundreds of teens who took over Chicago’s streets

Chicago’s on its way to becoming Venezuela.

If you’re going to Chicago:

  1.  First, don’t.  Change your plans.
  2.  If #1 isn’t feasible, make sure you bring a gun.  Two guns.  And spare ammo.
  3.  Make sure you have a “concealed carry insurance” coverage.
  4. Go early in the morning.
  5. Make sure you have a full tank of gas before you get to Cook County.
  6. Don’t stop at ATMs, gas stations or anywhere else your intuition tells you “feels dangerous.”
  7. Get out before the gun goes down.  Before noon would be even better.

Sure, some long-time Chicago veterans will laugh at you.  That’s okay.  You’re not the one dodging gunfire and gang warfare on a daily basis.

10 thoughts on “FIRST MONTH TRAINWRECK: Chicago crime up 38% in Big Brain’s first MONTH in office”
  1. Crime might fall somewhat if they would lock up the ‘Peacekeepers’. That was a great plan from the mind of Bug Brain, and pimped to the hilt by J.B. Puffenstuff.

  2. Even with crime right across the street from the mayor’s house, it is apparent the mayor wants the criminals to flourish in plying their “trade”.

  3. 38% in his first month? Holy crap. Those people are gettin what they voted for good and hard. As for the shitbirds in the video… they get what they allow. Fuck em.

  4. The common denominator again. Is that AK pistol not banned by J.uniorB.iden President’s PICA Statute?

  5. At least these silly kids wore masks and did not endanger anyone in the open air with a ErnieKovacs infection. CDC and Dr. FaUCKchi had a lasting effect on disease prevention. The common denominator again…

  6. Well, to be fair, the first month is most likely still reeling from the effects of Mayor Lighweights “leadership”. But “peacekeepers”? Whoever thought that would work needs help. Brandon and Jelly Bean should spend a weekend hanging on the streets of one of the finer neighborhoods. Just them, no armed security. Maybe then they would start to get a clue.

  7. Obviously you are just cherry picking. This happens in Robinson and Heyworth and Lena everyday as well. Just impossible to imagine their is a clear pattern that anyone with the least amount of intellectual honesty could notice.

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