Chicago’s latest Mayor “Let’s Go” Brandon Johnson as achieved “feckless” status in record time.  He formulated a piss poor new strategy to tamp down the city’s historically horrific violent crime over the Memorial Day weekend.  Oh, what a farce that proved to be.  And things only have gone, well, down from there.

Big Brain Brandon’s plan? dispatch thirty unarmed, yellow-vested “peacekeepers” to high crime neighborhoods to try to, well, keep the peace. Mayor Johnson combined that with fewer overtime hours for actual cops (the ones with with guns) to be on patrol over Memorial Day weekend.

That’s right: Hizzoner, through the week before Memorial Day claimed his innovative new “safety plan” wouldn’t require any extra overtime from police.

Instead of bucking up for the extra overtime and putting more cops on the streets for what has traditionally been the start of Chicago’s long hot summer of shootings and mayhem, Big Brain Brandon decided to divert $2.5 million of the city’s hard-to-find cash on so-called violence prevention programs.

How did Mayor Big Brain’s “public safety plan” work out? Windy City gangs celebrated the relative lack of law enforcement by killing a dozen people and wounding an additional 49. It marked the worst Memorial Day weekend violence in over a decade. Ten people were killed on Saturday alone, marking only the fourth day with 10 or more homicides in Chicago in the past ten years.

Having only to deal with more yellow-vested peacekeepers and fewer actual police officers, the city’s criminal population has taken up a rousing chant of Let’s go Brandon!

There were a number of highlights during the weekend’s crapshow, but one of the obvious standouts was the “peacekeeper” who helped carjack a man before savagely beating and then robbing him.

From story one at CWB Chicago . . .

A Chicago man wearing a neon yellow “peacekeepers” vest helped a group of people beat and rob a motorist in Little Village on Friday night, according to a Chicago Police Department report. The allegations come after city and state officials lauded the use of “peacekeepers” as a tool they would deploy over the Memorial Day weekend to tamp down violence across the city.

Oscar Montes, 31, was held without bail by Judge Maryam Ahmad on charges of robbery, aggravated battery, and unlawful vehicular invasion Sunday afternoon…

A 37-year-old man was pulled from his vehicle by “multiple offenders,” including one wearing a neon vest, a Chicago police spokesperson said Saturday. During Montes’ bail hearing, prosecutor Charles Golaszewski said six or seven men joined Montes in pulling the victim from the driver’s seat.

The group punched and kicked him on the ground. Montes took the victim’s phone and beat the man with it, Golaszewski alleged. Another man took the victim’s wallet before everyone scattered as Chicago cops returned to the scene.

A police surveillance camera recorded the entire attack, Golaszewski said, and officers who reviewed the footage identified a man wearing a yellow vest as one of the attackers.

Of course, the parolee peacekeeper blamed the his participation in the carjacking on the “stress of the job” even though he had been working exactly one day at keeping the peace. And supporters of hiring felons as peacekeepers were quick to excuse Montes’ actions.

Also from CWB Chicago . . .

After officials said a man wearing a yellow “peacekeeper” vest was among a group of offenders who severely beat and robbed a driver in Little Village on Friday, a proponent of the anti-violence programs argued that the accused man had simply “mishandled the stress” of working as a peacekeeper.

And Chicago’s holiday crime spike took place despite the police instituting unconstitutional bag searches for people entering and leaving Millenium Park and Chicago’s beaches.


In short, Windy City residents and visitors have another long, hot summer ahead of them. But then again, the voters in some of the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods elected Brandon Johnson and Lori Lightfoot before him. Now they’re living with the consequences of those votes.

So, how did things go since then?

The carnage didn’t stop after the holiday weekend ended.  No siree.

Thus far, five days into June, Big Brain’s bodycount stands at 13 kilt and 58 more maimed.  Jesus, if it weren’t for the families impacted, it would be laugh out loud funny.  Baby Jesus no doubt weeps.

Let’s go Brandon!  See the latest at HeyJackass!


6 thoughts on “BIG BRAIN BRANDON’S BODYCOUNT: 12 dead over Mem Day weekend; 10 more killed this weekend…”
  1. Looks like the “peacekeepers” are to be avoided if you want a peaceful existence, in/around Chit-cago, I wonder if this “peacekeeper” will avoid any consequences to his criminal participation.

  2. Just heard on WLS radio, a “mass-shooting” in “lets go” Brandon’s neighborHOOD, doesn’t he have the 90 or so CPD personal protection detail since L. Lightweight is out as mayor?

  3. I ran across this video of a reported Shoot-out/ambush in Chicago;
    What in Gods name are they using ? How do you defend against this type of attack?
    This is NUTS! You could not pay me to be a Police officer in Chicago !

    1. That there is the famous Glock with a 33-rnd. magazine and the Chinese auto sear switch. That is the current favorite among the sainted gang-banger (aka JB’s peoples). That device is flooding the inner city coming over the non-existent southern border, along with tons of fentanyl and the millions of illegal invaders.

      You are being ordered to give up your rights because Demmunist scum has turned every inner city into an automatic weapons shooting gallery.

  4. That’s another winner for this ignorant tube steak – 2 record setting weekends in a row. Even with the slow start this year, we should see close to 700 this year, too.

    See some idiot billionaire up in Shitcago is pledging to spend millions in the projects to make the city ‘the safest big city in America’. His goal? Keeping murders down below 400 a year, a number last seen in 1965. A fool and his money…

  5. It’s like they plucked this guy out of some African shithole dictatorship. The guy is utterly incompetent. Makes Zimbabwe’s Mugabe look like an elder Statesman and expert manager

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