Has it occurred to you why the Illinois State Police is all bark and no bite on the new gun ban passed into law on January 10th? When it comes to citing gun shops for receiving banned guns and magazines, the ISP have conspicuously chosen not to make any arrests or taken any other enforcement actions. What’s more, they haven’t really hassled any purchasers, let alone made any arrests.

There are some outstanding people working at the Illinois State Police. A majority of their front-line staff, including road troopers and investigators are good and decent people. They put their pants on just like you and me.

At the same time, the leadership of ISP serves at the pleasure of Governor JB Pritzker. As such, they toe the line and tell their senior staff to do the same. Think of the ISP Director as Prizker’s mouthpiece. Know that the public announcements and press releases are carefully worded and probably approved by Pritzker’s people.

Why no enforcement? Simple, really.

On March 3rd, a court in Macon County, IL adjudicated the gun ban unconstitutional.

No cop in Illinois in his or her right mind will throw their qualified immunity into the shredder by making an arrest for an offense tied to a law that’s been adjudicated null and void by a court of law with proper jurisdiction.

We anticipate the ISP’s reticence about enforcing the gun ban will evaporate when the Illinois Supreme Court reverses the Macon County decision striking down the law in state court in the coming weeks.

8 thoughts on “Why ISP is all talk and no enforcement on PICA gun & mag ban law”
  1. Wait until 01 Jan, 2024 – and then observe how placid ISP is towards enforcement – especially for those that tell them to shove registration up their asses.

  2. Is that Sgt Sugarcookie in the middle of that stack?
    I can’t wait for more roadside compliance checks of CCW guns.

    1. Just a few more of our finest in blue, ready to gun down a citizen for what they own. These aren’t the cops we were taught to look up to and admire.

  3. Isn’t that great? There are some “outstanding” people that work for the ISP. So once again, the political right and certainly the GOP put police ABOVE the citizens. Let’s put this into perspective.

    GOP: Some sharks in the water aren’t hungry and will leave you alone. Don’t judge all sharks by the actions of a few.
    CITIZENS with self-respect who believe in the Bill of Rights: I don’t care what any given shark may or may not do. I would appreciate not having my legs bitten off – thank you very much. Therefore, I’ll assume ALL sharks are capable of doing WHAT THEY ARE CAPABLE OF DOING and protect my own interests and refuse to trust a shark. My legs or life are more important to me than saying what you’re supposed to say on the pollical right. Sorry for sounding like I think for myself.

    1. Yes, they are capable of doing dangerous and violent things, just as most gun owners are. In fact, most cops are simply a subset of gun owners. The vast majority, like gun owners, follow the law.
      Besides, if you weren’t capable of being dangerous, you’re simply harmless.
      If you’re not a formidable force, there’s no morality in your self-control. If you’re incapable of being violent, not being violent isn’t a virtue!

  4. Uh, seems like they closed down a shop in Loves Park IL for continuing to sell after the ban started. Also, from what I’ve read, they went after people who bought guns from that shop during that time to get the firearms back..

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