Brief update, folks.  Docket update on our case challenging the gun and magazine ban.

NOTICE AND ORDER: The Court is in receipt of [103] MOTION to Stay. Any objections/responses are due on or before May 8, 2023. (Responses due by 5/8/2023). Signed by Judge Stephen P. McGlynn on 5/2/2023. (jce) THIS TEXT ENTRY IS AN ORDER OF THE COURT. NO FURTHER DOCUMENTATION WILL BE MAILED.

Kwame may appeal directly to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals to reverse this preliminary injunction, but if he goes over McGlynn’s head, he’s probably going to have a tougher time getting his stay.

You’ve likely got until May 8th to make your purchases.


3 thoughts on “Kwame’s ‘Motion for Stay’ replies due May 8… Kwame may appeal to Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals before then…”
  1. I can’t imagine under what circumstance Judge McGlynn will issue a stay of his own order. From his decision he knows the state has not a leg to stand, it appears he also believes a right delayed is a right denied. Furthermore it appears the States argument for a stay is Judge McGlynn got it wrong when the the two northern district judges got it right. One of those two having been overturned by 7th Appeals in connection with 2A decisions twice. The state also appears to be attempting yet again to resurrect the balancing test which Judge McGlynn made clear in his decision has been preempted by the USSC. I understand being wary, a self-imposed stay under these circumstances seems a stretch.

  2. Kwame Da Fool is too incompetent to come up with a way to dodge what will probably be another fail when McGlynn tells him to go scratch on his stay. His master and pompous condescending ass JB the Blob probably came up with this stunt. The fat man is possibly considering a run in the primaries against Diapers Biden and a massive rights infringement would have given him something to gloat about to the Marxist Dummycrat voters. I think he’s starting to see a big humiliating fail on the horizon when the courts get done.

    1. I agree with you Bill, Kwame da Fool is basically incompetent but he is in so deep, Jelly Belly has him spinning circles trying to save this unconstitutional pile of manure. They cannot back down now but at the same time, Jelly Belly has the ILL-Annoy supreme court bought and paid for and they both think they are home free if it gets to the ISC. Maybe so, but it will be going to US Supreme Court then it will be declared unconstitutional which hopefully will dissuade any other states and Diapers’ Biden trying the same c-rap.
      The fight is long and expensive and shouldn’t have to be if our elected officeholders would abide by their oaths when installed into office.
      Just my humble opinion.

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