Looking for a modestly paying job tip-toeing through landmines, borderline incompetent “merit”-promoted command staff and a new mayor that’s philosophically at or just left of Karl Marx?  If that’s you, then you can apply for the position of Chicago Police Superintendent.  The good news is, if selected, that you’ll become famous overnight.  The bad news is that you’ll become the scapegoat for everyone with an axe to grind against law-and-order and the police.

No experience needed.  In fact, experience probably isn’t really wanted unless it involves social justice advocacy.  Bonus points for intersectionality on all the victim hierarchies.  For instance, if you’re a disabled, gay transgendered African-American female with “they/them” pronouns, you’re probably already halfway through the interviewing process with perfect scores.

Oh, and if you’re an old-fashioned, tough-on-crime type – well, you need not apply.

CWB has more:

CHICAGO — Nearly two months after David Brown announced his resignation as Chicago’s police superintendent, only six people have applied to take his place. On Wednesday, with the May 7 application deadline fast approaching, the group responsible for selecting three finalists for the position announced it is hiring a recruitment firm to drum up more candidates.

A spokesperson for the Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability (CCPSA) confirmed on Tuesday that the group had only received a half-dozen applications for the top cop job. By comparison, the city’s last search for a superintendent drew 23 applicants within five weeks. Two more were subsequently added to the list, with 14 of the 25 applications coming from candidates outside the city.

Oh, there’s more:

Others suggested that qualified candidates may be opting out because they feel that the current state of the department combined with the city’s political environment offers a low probability of success.

Ya think?

CCPSA must get the three finalists’ names in Johnson’s hands by mid-July. Johnson will also need to name a new interim superintendent to take over on May 15 because Eric Carter, who took over when Brown left in mid-March, announced his retirement last week.

Is Eric “We don’t have time for this shit” Carter retiring because he was told he won’t get the job and that in fact, he might get demoted with a new chief?


One thought on “*YOU* CAN APPLY: Only six applications filed so far for Chicago PD Superintendent… deadline is May 7”
  1. Taking the top CPD job was formerly a prestigious finale to a career CPD officer who worked his way there. Now its simply a figurehead that takes the heat for whatever anyone does wrong, anywhere in the city, and dances to whatever tune that new clueless mayor demands.
    Cant win, not a chance. Why would anyone with a shred of credibility take on the job? Rest assured that intersectional bingo will apply. No biological males need to toss their hat in, this is gonna go to some female-identifying party from some blue place. Any guy from any district who knows the job/officers/goals does not stand a chance. Whomever she turns out to be, she will be an unpleasant, agenda pushing puppet of her boss.
    Good! Let New Detroit be what it is, another testament to politics over common sense.

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